Guide to choosing the right scooter for fashion

Guide to choosing the right scooter for fashion

If you’re Christmas shopping for this skateboarder on your list, you likely anticipated to select wheels and a deck layout, but what about those alloy T-shaped pieces on the underside of the skateboard? Those are skateboard trucks, and picking the ideal pair is crucial because they keep your bearings and wheels firmly connected to the deck. Every of the parts affects your child’s performance.
Axle: Long pin that runs throughout the hanger and also attaches to the wheels
Hanger: Substantial triangular metal piece that runs through the axle and supports it
Kingpin: Bolt that fits inside the bushings and holds the skate truck parts together
Bushings: Soft urethane rings fitted around the kingpin to allow the board to turn
Type and size of trucks chosen impact your equilibrium and what tricks you’re able to pull off in your skateboard. Would you wish to do turns? Go for the softer bushings. For stiff turning, choose harder bushings. read more

What Buy Size Skateboard Do You Need?

What Buy Size Skateboard Do You Need?

Thus, you’re searching for that skateboarder on your Christmas list and it is time to pick a skateboard deck. The very first thing you will notice when surfing our site is that we carry a ton of different sized skateboards! You may already know whether your friend wants a cruiser, longboard, shortboard or older school, but what about the width of the deck?
Let’s get a few of those skateboard lingo down first. The skateboard deck would be the board itself. It pertains to the horizontal, long board that you stand when skateboarding. Warehouse Skateboards offer a huge selection of skateboard decks in an assortment of shapes, sizes, weight and color patterns. Deciding which skateboard deck is most effective for your buddy depends on what he or she’ll be skating and, needless to say, his or her private brand preference. Width is affected by the size of the rider and the type of riding. Bigger riders and people skating ramps and vert ramps typically prefer a broader deck. Street skaters generally choose a smaller deck. Choose your skateboard deck in line with the width, not length.
Length — The period of the skateboard is measured from the tip of their nose to the tip of the tail. Typical board length is 28″- 32″ but duration is just known by advanced skaters.
Wheelbase — The wheelbase is the distance from one set of internal mounting holes into another inner pair. The typical wheelbase is 13″-15″, and again, the choice is influenced by the skill set of this rider
Nose and Tail — The tail and nose of a skateboard can be hard to tell apart, but most decks provide you with graphics to differentiate the two apart. Additionally, most skateboard decks have a larger kick on the nose along with mellower kick the tail.
Mounting Holes — Mounting holes are pre-drilled openings where the skateboard trucks are all attached. Arranged as two sets of four holes; a single set is near the nose, another near the tail.
Ply — When looking at the face of the skateboard deck, thin layers of walnut veneer are observable. Layering the timber in a cross-grain pattern makes a stronger board than a single solid piece of timber. The normal skateboard is seven-ply.
Concave — The section of this board involving the tail and nose bends up slightly on the sides. The concave gives the rider more control and raises the skateboard’s strength. read more

Everything you should know about skateboarding at the 2020 Summer Olympics guide

Everything you should know about skateboarding at the 2020 Summer Olympics guide

Often seen as renegade or visionary, characterized by dizzying midair turns and twists, skateboarding will make its way to the structured and mainstream universe of the Olympic Games. Some athletes have expressed excitement and gratitude in the idea that skateboarding will get more exposure for a sport, while others fear that the Olympics will harm the lifestyle and culture which accompany it.
I assume no one will know the way the game might change before the Olympics arrive next season, but for the time being, you can read all about the structure, scoring and credentials process for skateboarding in the 2020 Olympics. Skateboarding at the Olympics contains two areas: park and street. read more

Everything you should know about skateboarding at the 2020 Summer Olympics review

Everything you should know about skateboarding at the 2020 Summer Olympics review

Often viewed as renegade or rebellious, characterized by dizzying midair twists and turns, skateboarding will make its way to the mainstream and structured universe of the Olympic Games. Some athletes have expressed excitement and gratitude at the idea that skateboarding will get more exposure as a sport, while others fear that the Olympics will harm the lifestyle and culture that accompany it.
I guess no one will know the way the sport may change before the Olympics arrive next season, but for now, you can read all about the construction, scoring and qualifications process for skateboarding at the 2020 Olympics.
Which will the event be like? read more

The general rule of figure skating

The general rule of figure skating

Si estas empezando en el mundo del skateboard, estas de enhorabuena porque tu vida a partir de ahora va a cambiar y a mejorar mucho.
Una buena practica del skate aporta grandes beneficios, tanto físicos como psicológicos. El ejercicio físico que realiza nuestro cuerpo cuando realizamos skate es muy bueno para nuestra salud y nuestro cuerpo lo agradecerá, y por otro lado el momento de salir a la calle, desconectar de los problemas cotidianos, reunirnos con los amigos… todo esto nos hará sentir mejor.
Lo importante para disfrutar de una buena experiencia con el skate es prepararnos y equiparnos correctamente.
Tablas de skate para principiantes
Esta es una de la primeras preguntas que nos hacemos ¿que skate comprar para principiantes? read more

Fosjoas K1 Electric Air Board Adds New Elements to Life

Fosjoas K1 Electric Air Board

Fosjoas electric scooters for sale are Jack-of-all-trades, because they have many different scooter types, such U3 SUV electric scooter, K3 sitting-posture electric scooter or K1 electric skateboard and so on. K1 is boys’ favorite.

Many cities have become blocked by heavy traffic. Meanwhile, intense competition has brought people into stress and tension. If there is a vehicle that could add new elements to life, that is Fosjoas K1 electric drift hover board.

Urban population generally has a fast living pace along with the development of society and accelerating urbanization. Intense competition has brought people into stress and tension. It seems that in the crowded urban environment, smaller commuting vehicles should be more adaptive and flexible. Fosjoas K1 motorized skateboard, with a 4.5 inch small body and 11.55 kg dead-weight could bear a maximum weight of 100 kg. It could carry riders easily forward.

Equipped with a wireless remote control, K1 is simple to operate. The remote control guide the way forward or backward without any hesitation. With the 2.4 G wireless remote control, it can realize infinitely variable speeds and the effective distance reaches 10 meters. The remote control can control to go forward or backward. Moreover, quality tires make K1 electric drift hover board have better skid resistance and stronger grip effect. With unbeatable and potential performance, K1 make you surf on land care-freely.

Cars and bikes are usually locked in garages. However, Fosjoas K1 could be just taken to homes and offices. It could also be put into car trunks and taken out for a relaxing trip. K1 users could ride it into elevators and then ride directly home. K1 self-balancing air board adopts a modular design. With the dual-core and double battery protection boards, each part can work independently. When one module breaks down, the other parts still function efficiently.

In serious traffic congestion, riding K1 electric air board saves more time. K1 is propelled by clean energy electricity. The branded battery plus two intelligent chips enable K1’s off-road capability to traverse grass, gravel, dirt and beach. Moreover, the front and rear wheels have been equipped with TPU material damper mass to ensure riding more smoothly. Also, owners could DIY the board and gives it a particular look. To save the mundane daily life, people should add more colors and individuality to such a product. Life will be more colorful and vibrant with Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard.

Reviewing The Swagtron T1 Hands Free Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Swagtron T1 Self-Balancing Scooter

Hoverboards are slowly making a comeback as so much of speculation and several people writing them off. This time, they have proven to be invincible and with proper certification from governing bodies, they seem to be nailed it.

One of the companies that have suffered an early verdict was the Indiana-based company Swagway. Now, they are back with a quality model called the Swagtron T1 that should turn the Leafs for the company again.

Key Aspects of the Swagtron T1 Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Tables have changed and this time for the Segways or self-balancing scooters. These vehicles are an in between a skateboard and a scooter, much like those depicted in the ‘Back to the Future’ series.

Of course, these are made more realistically and as of now these are even certified by authorities as safe for riding. The same applies to the Swagtron T1, which is UL2272 certified and happens to embody all these qualities and more like:

  • It is eco-friendly as there is no emission.This is because this runs on lithium ion batteries which leave no carbon footprint
  • This scooter is cost effective solution to purchasing a car if your transport is short distance one
  • Low on maintenance especially in comparison that of a car
  • This self-balancing scooter can help you reach your destination faster and more efficiently
  • It does not require any parking space
  • Suitable for students living on large campuses and even for professionals working in huge compounds
  • Apt for medical professionals as well as law enforcement officers as they can reach places of distress in a jiffy
  • read more

    Fosjoas K1 Electric Drift Hover Board Makes Life Wonderful

    fosjoas K1 electric hoverboard

    Skateboard which is one of the extreme sports and developed from surfing in 1960s. And now it has become the coolest sport among young people. The emergence of Fosjoas K1 electric drift hover board makes life wonderful.

    Many people, especially young people, are eager to try new things. Take the skateboarding, a popular sport, for example. In recent, Fosjoas, the leading electric self-balancing scooter brand, has broken the tradition and made a fire-new skateboard-K1. The advent of Fosjoas K1 electric air board makes people’s life wonderful.

    In terms of the appearance, it is too exquisite to express in the words. The board is purely hand-made by world-famous designer. Skating it on roads is really cool. Fosjoas K1 self-balancing air board is different, because it is self-balancing realized by adopted intelligent chip, aerospace attitude control theory, and fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. Based on built-in gyroscope system, the dynamic state the vehicle body is able to be controlled, and then the smart chip will operate the calculating and send instructions to the drive motor to make adjustment and ensure the long-term dynamic equilibrium. With such a system, even the beginners can easily master riding within several minutes, which does not require extremely high skills.

    The power that supports those controls comes from advanced lithium-ion battery, which enjoys longer service life and high working efficiency. Meanwhile, relaxing skating attracts more people to join in the ranks of Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard. Besides the role of entertainment, Fosjoas K1 electric drift hover board also can be used as a short-distance travel transport and it can take people to attend a party, meet friends or even go to school or to work.

    In addition, Fosjoas K1 motorized skateboard is also equipped with a 2.4G wireless variable speed remote control and thus it is easier to be controlled. In order to ensure smooth and stable skating, TPU material damper masses are installed on both front and rear wheels. More importantly, it has an exclusively-designed App that can be downloaded from official website and installed in the phone. Then, the real-time state can be read from phone and some controls, like turning on and off the light, locking and unlocking, can be finished by phone, too.

    Benefits: Fosjoas K1 Electric Skateboard-Ignites Enthusiasm towards Life

    fosjoas K1 skateboard

    Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard gives people a great sliding experience, which is totally different from the feeling given by traditional skateboards. It is powered by lithium-ion battery and controlled by body inclination. Sliding Fosjoas K1 on road is a good way of distressing and igniting enthusiasm towards life.
    In modern city, the life quality and economical level are increasing obviously. At the same time, the life pace is much faster and life pressure is much heavier than before. On workdays, most people are busy with their work or study so as to gain success in the society. However, many of them are too busy to enjoy life. That is not right. After all, everyone needs to learn how to enjoy life. Here suggests a magical tool that can release people from heave pressure and ignite enthusiasm towards life. Its name is Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard.

    Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard is one of popular products and it opens a brand-new chapter in skateboarding world. Maybe, many people have heard the good reputation of Fosjoas, which is the leader in intelligent electric scooter sector. More importantly, it not only gives people great sliding experience, but also relaxes them and makes them love life again. Just as its name implies, Fosjoas K1 electric drift hover board is powered by electricity. Indeed, its power comes from imported lithium-ion battery. Usually, people have two methods to control it. On the one hand, people realize different controls, such as accelerating, decelerating, steering or braking, by adjusting body states. For example, inclining forward will speed it up. On the other hand, people can make use of the equipped 2.4G wireless remote control and finish all kinds of controls in hands.
    People will feel great freedom when riding Fosjoas K1 motorized skateboard on road. It seems as if all of pressures are gone with the wind. As Fosjoas K1 wireless remote control skateboard is powered by 81.4Wh or 162.8Wh lithium-ion battery, it sustains a certain range. Therefore, people can slide it to their destinations, like company and school.
    All in all, Fosjoas K1 self-balancing air board will change people’s lifestyle and make it relaxing and enjoyable. Life should be like that.

    2016 Top Picks — Best Electric Skateboard/Longboard

    Electric Skateboards

    In these days, it seems like everyone is preoccupied with hoverboards. Are they safe? Do they really hover? Do they even work?

    It’s hard to understand the fascination people have with those gadgets – when there’s a much cooler product on the market that not only works, but is a lot of fun on level ground and an amazing experience when taken off-road.

    When comes to electric skateboards, there’s quite a few options out there and the Boosted boards are very popular. Lets debunk the myths and help you find the best electric skateboard with our in-depth reviews.

    Product Name

    Miles per Charge

    Max Speed


    Our Rating


    18 miles 12.5 mph 21 lbs


    10 miles 10 mph 19 lbs


    12 miles 20 mph 15.2 lbs


    Benchwheel B2 12 miles 20 mph 16 lbs


    16 miles 28 mph

    25 lbs


    13 miles 20 kmph

    25 lbs


    5 miles 8 mph

    10 lbs


    Boosted Dual+ 7 miles 2 mph

    13.5 lbs



    Powered skateboards first surfaced in California in the mid-70s but they were powered by gas engines, and were extremely loud and pumped out terrible exhaust. They were quickly banned, and powered skateboards were largely forgotten. Over the last few years, though, a number of developers launched Kickstarter campaigns to fund the creation of electric-powered skateboards; it didn’t take long for several companies to jump on the bandwagon (or the skateboard) and bring these boards to a larger market.

    Electric skateboards read more