Fosjoas K1 Sets Off The Electric Skateboard Er

fosjoas_K1 electric skateboard

Sometimes all they have to do is to shift their point of view if people feel like it is lacking the power in life and they want and the motivation that they need. Maybe Fosjoas K1 electric drift hover board will add energy to your life and provide riders with different surfing experience.

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Nowadays, more and more people are willing to join the skateboarding rank then Fosjoas K1 begins with a new means of transport. What they are interested in is not only the perfect design and performance of K1, but only the new life style and the new era of electric drift hover board. Everyone wants to be cool, doesn’t he?
As the name implies, the power of Fosjoas K1 electric air board is offered by battery pack. With this great improvement, Fosjoas K1 owns the biggest advantage over traditional ones – that totally changes the skateboard from the toy to the tool. Magnetic levitation motor brings more powerful output power with the top speed of 20km per hour and more than 15°climbing degree. read more

Fosjoas K1 Motorized Skateboard Will Amuse You

Fosjoas K1 Motorized Skateboard

If you are boring on Sunday afternoon, Fosjoas K1 cheap electric skateboard will amuse you. Skateboarding is a popular sport among all people, whether they are kids or the elderly. When it comes to Fosjoas K1 motorized skateboard, it is a brand-new and cutting-edge works in skateboarding world. You can ride it heartily and even if an afternoon riding won’t make you fatigued at all. It can kill your boring time and make your life meaningful. What is more, it is more than a plaything, but also a useful tool in your daily life. For example, if the distance between your work place and house is within 10km, Fosjoas K1 motorized skateboard will be your best commute tool. Don’t forget that it is powered by 162.8Wh lithium-ion battery. read more

Fosjoas K1 Electric Skateboard Perfect For Girls To Play


It is the big star in skateboarding world. Both boys and girls love Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard crazily. Indeed, skateboards are manly played by boys. However, everything changes since Fosjoas K1 cheap electric skateboard came into being. How about girls? Why they don’t like skateboarding. Traditional skateboards are powered by physical strength and long-time skating may make girls exhausted.Here is an inertial thinking of many people: skateboarding is a boys’ sport. read more

Introducing The K1 Motorized Skateboard From Fosjoas

The board is made from high-quality Canada maple and handcrafted by world-famous designer, which has unbelievable stability.The appearance of Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard attracts many people. Riders can stand on board and realize different controls by changing body gravity. On the middle of board, there is a capital of FOSJOAS. In addition, there are four wide and powerful tyres, which are much wider and thicker than that of traditional skateboards. Under the board, there are battery unit, intelligent chips and high-elastic damping block. Besides, it also has a 2.4G wireless remote control, which can easily control it within 10 meters. It is very easy to control Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard. For example, leaning forward moves it forward or speeds it up, while leaning backward will slow it down or brake it. It is why Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard enjoys much stronger road holding capacity. read more

Top 6 Electric Skateboard / Longboard 2016

Top 6 Electric Skateboard / Longboard 2016

It’s difficult to understand the fascination people have with those gadgets – when there’s a much cooler product on the market that not only works, but is a lot of fun on level ground and an amazing experience when taken off-road.

It seems like everyone is preoccupied with hoverboards these days. Are they safe? Do they really hover? Do they even work? read more