MOTOPOGO-High quality self-balancing electric motorcycle

MOTOPOGO-High quality self-balancing electric motorcycle

Here is the another trendiest one wheeler automobile meet the MOTOPOGO is a new take on an old thought the’Unicycle’ it’s a fully size self-evident sole wheeled electric scooter that anyone can ride.
With weighing at only 60 pounds and 3 feet wide it fits readily to the trunks of most vehicles. The MOTOPOGO electricity comes out of a 60 volt, 10 amp lithium battery which charges in approximately 4 hours. read more

Fosjoas V6 One Wheel Scooter : Best Effective Commuting Tool

Fosjoas V6 One Wheel Scooter

Fosjoas V6 is delicate and small-sized so anyone can lift it by either of hands into the lift or onto the bus or the metro. Meanwhile, the aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system will still be put to use to realize self-balancing. Emmanuel gets up and steps out of his house with his V6 electric one wheel lifted. It seems that he has practiced so many times that he is deft in steering the electric scooter. When he arrives the crossing, the traffic is crowded. Hundreds of cars are waiting for the signal light to turn light. When the signal light turns light, merely dozens of cars are allowed to pass at one time. In spite of that, Emmanuel can smoothly shun the traffic jam and he weaves through the traffic. The small size makes V6 able to stream quickly and conveniently. After soon, Fosjoas V6 takes Emmanuel to his company.

Emmanuel is a white-collar, who has spent nearly three years in a company, 5 km away from his house. Once, he drove car and now he rides Fosjoas V6 one wheel scooter.
Two months ago, Emmanuel drove his car to his company. Each month, he had to spend a lot of money on the petrol for his car. Apart from the economic output, Emmanuel is subject to lateness for work because it is easy to be held up on the road, which is home to traffic jam. Today, Emmanuel will experience a different morning with the company of Fosjoas V6 electric unicycle.

Fosjoas V6 is known for its high quality and cost performance, always welcomed by electric unicycle fans. Affordable and serviceable, V6 self-balancing electric scooter performs well in resisting dirty, heat and collision in daily life, becoming the best one for unicycle beginners to practice. Moreover, with the addition of single-wheeled structure, V6 mini self-balancing scooter is much more stable and flexible, so the rider could carry out all kinds of fancy tricks on it. New era, new technology and new travel mode make Fosjoas V6 single-wheeled electric scooter the favourite one in self-balancing electric scooter sector. For Fosjoas, it will continue to produce more products to enlarge its consumer base.

Fosjoas V6 Electric Unicycle – the Alternative Gift for Friends

Fosjoas V6 Electric Unicycle

Well, there is quite a pretty gift for your best friend when your best friend’s birthday comes around, that is, Fosjoas V6 single-wheeled electric scooter review.

Fosjoas V6. It becomes the obvious choice for multiple reasons. In the first place, V6 electric one wheel is rather dashing and beautiful, thereby suitable for a gift of birthday for your best friend. In modern society, the young like something interesting, novel and stylish. As for those disposed to give a big surprise to the friends, Fosjoas V6 surely comes as surprise to friends. When the friends open the gift box, they must be surprised with eyes open widely.

In addition, Fosjoas V6 can also be used as a recreational device. The young tend to ride V6 before the pedestrians in the streets or in the square park. On V6, some highly skilled rider can make many amazing postures, which will be taken aback the viewers so that the viewers envy their thrilling technology. In addition, V6 one wheel scooter equally serves as a personal transport. Some workers ride it to work or home. Because of the small size, V6 can weave in and out of the traffic regardless of the traffic jam. Therefore, they have never the misgivings about being late for work for traffic jam.
V6 not only provides the agility to the largest extent, but also provides the comprehensive protection systems, containing tilting protection, speed control, low battery protection and warning. Riders regard the V6 as an exercising tool and a transport to bring them to enjoy the natural scenery. What’s more, Fosjoas V6 electric unicycle is rather eco-friendly. When the rider steers it and scoots about, V6 does not produce any exhaust gas, which goes a long way towards protecting the air quality in the city. This kind of green transport is just what the local government and environmentalist recommend. In a word, Fosjoas V6 self-balancing electric scooter is a satisfactory gift for friend.

Pinwheel T1 Self-Balance Electric Unicycle Introduction

Pinwheel T1


Pinwheel T1 review, a self-balancing electronically controlled high-tech unicycle. It is a revolution in personal transportation. It is environmentally friendly designed with an amazingly high energy efficiency. It can go from the metro station to home or school, or go from the office to the park. The on-board gyroscope and inertial monitoring technology makes automatic adjustments to the engine speed and power hundreds of times per Second. It is the smallest , lightest and newest device, small enough to pack in your backpack or easy to drive wherever you want. It takes an hour to learn how to dominate a whole day then it may already highly addictive.

Main Features

  • Upon 2000 times charge, capacity decrease 15 – 25 percent
  • Environment temperature < 10 deg.C, capacity decrease 20 percent
  • IP65 waterproof function
  • Use lithium polymer battery with single capacity 180 WH
  • 350w magnetic suspension electric engine
  • The maximum load is 120kg
  • The maximum incline range is 30 degree and speed is 16KM/H – 18KM/H Max
  • Charging 2 hours can ride 18 km
  • It is a charging Pal with USB port, can charge phone, iPad and other devices
  • With 14 inch 2.125 Standard pneumatic tyre
  • Over-charging / Over-temperature / Over-voltage protection system
  • Support 110V / 220V input and 59.2V 15A / 5V 2A output
  • read more

    The Comparison Between Smart Self Balancing Two Wheel Scooter and Solo Wheel


    Nowadays, twin-wheeled electric scooter for sale and one wheel become more and more popular.  Okay, well! Here comes the question: should we buy a two wheel scooter or the electric one wheel? Which one is better? So, today we share our points of view about this two differences and our buying guides for you.

    1. Electric Two wheel drift scooter is more flexible and makes a turn easier than the one wheel. What’s more, it allows you to dance with it.

    2. One wheel scooter moves much faster than the two wheel as a practical commutting tool.

    3. The price of two wheel is lower than the one wheel. Because the one wheel contains more advanced technology, it costs more than two wheel.



    Two wheel scooter learns easier than the one wheel. read more

    Introducing The Fosjoas V6 Single-Wheeled Scooter

    fosjoas v6 one wheel scooter

    Everyone has his favorite thing. So does Jason. Two years ago, he got a Fosjoas V6 electric unicycle from his father as his birthday present. It has become his favorite transport and good companion ever since, whether it’s for school or field trip. So far, Jason is rather happy every day with his V6 mini self-balancing scooter.

    Upon receiving this wonderful present, Jason was really happy and thrilled. Generally speaking, people all have their own favorite things. Jason also has one— Fosjoas V6 electric unicycle that he got from his father two years ago on his birthday. This wonderful present has become his favorite transport ever since. When he just received the vehicle, he was in a hurry to ride it on the road. However, since he was new at the thing, he asked his father’s help and spent almost 20 minutes learning how to master V6 electric one wheel. The learning process of V6 is also an important lesson to riders as it requires perseverance. And eventually, he got the hang of the vehicle and enjoyed a pleasant ride on the road.

    Every day Jason goes to school by riding his little transport so that he does not need to catch a bus or take the metro, which saves him quite a sum of pocket money. After school, Jason always travels around the neighborhood by riding his favorite V6 standing up electric scooter. As to him, it is not only a transport but also a good friend to keep him not alone. When there is a holiday, Jason’s father likes taking him to do some sports in the nearby park. His father also has an electric scooter and they two will ride together towards the park on the scooters.

    By the time they arrive at the park, Jason always rolls around on the open ground with his V6 over and over again. He enjoys the fun of letting breeze blowing over his face and sunshine casting on his body. If his Fosjoas V6 self-balancing electric scooter didn’t work one day, Jason would be really upset. Therefore, he always keeps his companion clean and tidy. Once anything goes wrong with the vehicle, Jason will ask his father to take the vehicle to the maintenance service.


    From V6, V3 to V9 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter: Fosjoas Keeps Moving

    Fosjoas V9 electric scooter

    Moben has pushed out various kinds of electric self-balancing scooters to date. From one wheel to two wheel, from V6, V3 to V9 electric self-balancing scooter, we can see Fosjoas keeps moving.

    Moben has pushed out various kinds of electric scooters to date, taking V6, V3 and V9. Fosjoas V6 is a single-wheeled electric scooter, also called electric unicycle. Fosjoas V3 is a twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter. V9 is the first 2-wheeled electric scooter. Each model has its own characteristic merits.

    Fosjoas V6 is noted for its agility, which is evidenced when it turns. It turns more quickly and conveniently than other models. At the same time, Fosjoas V6 one wheel scooter is the symbol of the skill of riders. All pro players like it and ride it in the street and parks to show off their amazing wheelie before viewers. The viewers all applaud their thrilling wheelie. Almost of all viewers want to buy V6. But the hardship of use scares away a host of riders.

    The next time was the age of the twin-wheeled electric scooter. Given that many people cried for an easy-to-ride scooter, Moben Global Inc. pushed out the V3. This kind of scooter benefited from the previous model Fosjoas V6. Fosjoas V3 inherited the same frame and design from Fosjoas V6. At the same time, Fosjoas V3 also made difference. The twin-wheeled hub structure ensured the balance and won over more scooter-lovers. The original twin-wheeled structure enhances the ability to keep balance. Therefore, there are myriads of people who like it very much. Fosjoas V3 has gained a footing in the whole market. The main reason of its draw is the ease of use.

    Moben pushed out Fosjoas V9 2-wheeled electric scooter that are applied to many fields in order to expand the application of Fosjoas intelligent electric scooters. The elegant aerodynamic white body is embellished with orange colour, making V9 more energetic and fashionable. The handle grip is made of light grey silica gel, which feels good in holding and durable in using. V9 is easy to be seen in works and golf paddocks.


    Ninebot One And Airwheel X8 Unicycles Comparison– Which is Better?

    Ninebot One vs Airwheel scooters

    Ninebot One and Airwheel X8 are both popular electric battery powered unicycles. We have done extensive long reviews on both of these one wheel scooters. But many buyers still find themselves confused on which is the best for them. So we wanted to write a short quick article to point out some of the main differences we have found in these two popular items as opposed to the separate reviews we did previously.

    In short they are both high-quality unicycles with some slight differences in their makeup, stats, and aesthetic design. In this article, we will try to go through the features of both to help you identify which one suits you.

    Ninebot One Standout Features

    Ninebot One is a fashionable and intelligent means of personal transportation with many interactive high tech functions. It has a very futuristic sleek look as opposed to the Airwheel X8 which is more rugged and wider.


    Iridescent Atmosphere & Indicator Lights

    The Ninebot One has myriads of colors both cool and shiny to add class to your ride. The retro lights illuminate your way while adding a somewhat trippy color and style. These colors can be set via the Ninebot One App and has light effects such as blinking, breathing, flowing and customization. The choices for color customization of the led lights is virtually limitless. No matter what your color choice you are sure to find it.




    Magnesium Alloy Frame & Pedal

    The anti-skid, stable, and secure pedals are very sturdy and give the scooter a very solid feel under your feet. The AIO pedals are constructed of top high-pressure magnesium alloy cast. The smooth design not only adds beauty and elegance to the device but also acts as a security measure for first-timers by tilting backwards when unsafe speeds are reached.

    Non-Visual Lifting Handles Design

    The hidden lifting handle is light and portable. It is also made of magnesium alloy and elastic polyurethane. The hidden handy handle can pop when needed.


    Compatibility With Other Popular Accessories

    Ninebot One comes with two accessories options: assistant wheelset and accessory holder. The accessory holder (which can be purchased separately as an accessory add-on) is compatible with most of the popular bike accessories like GoPro Camera, width laser lamp, car voice box, and headlights among others.

    Easy to Disassemble and Assemble

    You can easily disassemble the unicycle’s components and replace them. It doesn’t require many technicalities as such, and anytime you need to replace a part you can do that within a short time.

    Intelligent Safety Alarm System

    It has a triple safety alarm that includes light, sound, and vibration to ensure a safe driving experience. The alarm goes on if you are over leaning, speeding, the battery is low, and in cases of internal overheating and malfunctioning. The alerts are connected to the App.

    Ninedroid 2.0 App

    The Ninebot One has its app which can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Android Market for your smart phone. The app allows you to customize the light effects settings, has an instrumental dashboard, update the remote firmware, list and community ranking, speed data, distance data, and remote control.

    Ultrafast Charging Battery

    It has a lithium-ion battery that charges fast. It fully charges within 1-2 hours using a standard charger. You have an option of choosing from 83Wh and 240Wh battery. It comes with a 250W high-performance fanless AC adapter which can charge the battery fully within 30-60 minutes.

    These are the common features of Ninebot- One unicycle models.


    • Powerful unicycle that allows both playing and commuting
    • Stylish-Outer skins that are replaceable
    • Good battery life



    • Weight-13.8 Kgs
    • Max speed-18Km/h-20Km/h
    • Battery set-55.5V/240Wh/8C
    • Mileage-22-30 Km

    Airwheel x8 Standout Features read more

    The Obvious Choice Of The City Residents –Fosjoas Electric Scooter

    Fosjoas Electric Scooter

    Fosjoas always become the focus of attention because of its fashionable and modern appearance, . Meanwhile, its eco-friendly future helps people use it wide. Fosjoas electric walkcar can be termed the first choice of modern city dwellers for dual reasons. One reason is about the individual benefit. The other concerns the social benefit.

    For modern dwellers, Fosjoas can be termed the first choice. One reason is about the individual benefit. Riding Fosjoas standing up electric scooter is to build up the rider’s body. Fosjoas is the sate-of-the-art means of transportation adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward.



    In the process of riding, the rider could practise his muscle and relax his mind at the same time. Especially for those city office workers, the outdoors after work is an extravagant for them. Their sedentary job calls for daily practice. Otherwise, the long-time sedentary job has to have the effect on their health. They are in a dire need of a set of Fosjoas electric walkcar for the relief of mind and body.

    Then, Fosjoas intelligent electric scooter is coupled with App. With this APP, riders are able to turn on many modules of the vehicle body like GPS and LED lights with their smart phones. And the real time parameters of the electric scooters are also displayed on the APP. Fosjoas electric scooter designed the functions of locating the vehicles with this APP. When the vehicle is moved by other people, the APP will alarm the owner and show the location of vehicle on the phone screen immediately.

    On the other hand, Fosjoas gives rise to the social benefit. Fosjoas eco-friendly electric scooter also came as a blessing to the eco and environment of the present society. The seriousness of polluted air raises the public concerns about the urgency to protecting environment. The appeal for the public to take the public transportation is a limited help. Fosjoas electric scooter is to eradicate such problems. Fosjoas electric scooter produces no emission into the air.

    All in all , Fosjoas electric scooter is outright eco-friendly and worth popularising worldwide.

    The Benefits: FOSJOAS Mini Electric Scooter Changes Life

    Fosjoas electronic walkcars

    Abstract: With the development of technology and science, our life have been  changed a lot. The invention of electricity power changed the illumination of human being; the arrival of train changed the way to get round; the advent of the mobile phone changed the human communication. So does FOSJOAS electric walkcar.


    There has not been a revolutionary product in the portable traffic field for a long time. And innovations in this field are the future trends for travellers. All the manufacturers of electric scooters need to think about this question: how to find user’s rigid demand in the mass market. The roll-out of FOSJOAS electric scooter is changing the life of human being. The change covers the transportation, the way to work out and the recreational way. In the eyes of some white-collar workers, FOSJOAS electric walkcar is a way to work-out.

    Some personal transports like the electricity-assisted also come in handy sometimes. Since FOSJOAS electric mobility scooter was unveiled to the masses, the way to get round had changed a lot. People got riding FOSJOAS intelligent power scooter to work or home. Typically, they ride FOSJOAS in an attempt to avoid the traffic jam in the rush hours. It shows that FOSJOAS is a help to relieve the traffic pressure in the city.

    Besides the daily commuting, FOSJOAS is loved by females, as it is a great helper to go shopping, especially the FOSJOAS U1 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter. FOSJOAS U1 could support both standing and sitting posture of riding. Any sitting-posture of riders will be perfectly matched by FOSJOAS.

    In addition to serving as a personal transport, FOSJOAS can be an innovative way of entertainment. They young normally ride FOSJOAS electric mobility scooter before the pedestrians. The group of young men show off their amazing wheelie in the streets or parks. In some countries, a good many scooter-lovers come together and organise the scooter clubs. This kind of entertainment is healthy and popular.

    Also, FOSJOAS self-balancing electric scooter is a way to work-out. The white-collar workers spend much time in the cubicle of office for the sedentary job. Long-time sedentary job will pose a health danger to them, but they have less time to work out. FOSJOAS provides a way to work out for them.