Modern Tech and Design: Fosjoas K3 Double-Wheels Electric Scooter

Up to now, when it comes to the latest tech and design, Fosjoas K3 (Fosjoas K3 review) two wheel electric walkcar takes some beating. In respect of technology, Fosjoas K3 intelligent power scooter realises a train of breakthroughs, e.g. built-in suspension, the wireless connection into the mobile phone via App and the original sit-on ride mode. The three obvious features make K3 stand out from others.

Although K3 has been push out to the public for a long time, it is still the milestone of Fosjoas.  It is even hailed as the ultimate in the tech and design in the history of sector. First, Fosjoas has introduced the saddle to K3. The sleek saddle in V-shape is designed under the ergonomic principle, offering more comfortable ride than the traditional standing wheeler does. Also, the adopted aerospace gyroscope systems that can sense human body movement helps adjust K3 automatically, making it easier for children to keep balance.

Fosjoas K3 Double-Wheels Electric Scooter

Also, under the saddle, there is an orange spring, which, actually, is hydraulic suspension system of Fosjoas K3 sitting-posture electric scooter. When the rider bumps over the rough path, the suspension serves as a cushion to decrease sharply the impact caused by the roughness of the path. To some extent, this way of reliance on the tyre to decrease the impact can hardly be termed as a veritable way. It is just a by-product of tyre. However, Fosjoas can be proud to claim that it lives out the great dream.

In addition, Fosjoas K3 intelligent power scooter flows with the App trend, thereby creating the connection into mobile phone by downloading App for nothing online. Have connecting the electric scooter into the mobile phone wirelessly. The owner is able to control the speed limit, have an overall look of the status data and lock or unlock his scooter. If K3 is lost, riders still can locate it via App, as it has the ability of locate K3, for an advanced GSP system is installed. K3 stands to usher the phase of connecting the self-balancing scooter into the mobile phone, which has to beef up the interaction between human being and the scooter. In a word, K3 shows the modern tech and design.