The Humanity Design of Fosjoas Intelligent Power Scooter

In recent year, all kinds of electric scooter and skateboards swarm into the market and it is worth to notice Fosjoas intelligent electric scooter that is gradually known and recognized because of the high quality. So, today we’re going to talking about the humanity design of Fosjoas intelligent power scooters.

Well! The humanity design can be seen everywhere in Fosjoas products. Cars are undoubtedly a significant invention of human beings. However, not everyone is comfortable with driving cars or even sitting in one. Some people are diagnosed with carsickness. Yet it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy comfortable and fast rides. Instead of cars, they may as well have the new transport–Fosjoas electric scooters.

Many people reflected that the riding posture becomes more comfortable. The following points can prove Fosjoas scooters and skateboards are indeed outstanding and excellent through details hidden in U1, K2 and K1 electric skateboard. Fosjoas K1 electric drift hover board holds a 2.4G remote control which is mainly used for accelerating or decelerating speed and steering directions. Many riders have the same feeling that it becomes easier to learn than the traditional skateboards. Through instant analysis and arithmetic, it can get visual data which can feedback to the users by App in real-time.

Fosjoas Intelligent Power Scooter

Fosjoas U1 saddle-equipped scooter alters the two gyroscope to three and four gyroscope, adding pressure sense system and finally achieves the multiple operating methods for free change between standing posture and sitting posture. In users’ opinion, sitting to ride is a luxurious experience especially riders feel tired after riding for a long time. Besides, users can adjust the operating arm according to their own stature and the riding postures.

Fosjoas K2 foldable electric scooter allows riders to stand on two pedals, instead of twisting the body due to the narrow standing area. The pedals are designed to be folded. Riders unfolds them before riding and can have a comfortable standing posture. Plus the operating arm, the connection bearing between the pedals and the front wheel can also be folded so K2 standing up electric scooter becomes very easy to carry and park. The mentioned three models are just examples.