Introducing The Fosjoas K3 Double-Wheels Electric Scooter

Well! In Fosjoas, details are the important thing in the process of design. Fosjoas firmly believes that its efforts in details will bear fruit one day. The efforts made by Fosjoas in electric scooters bear fruit, for instance, the K3 electric scooter with seat.

The oblivion of details might cause a serious failure. It is a truism that detail makes or breaks the success. We often hear that one company is defeated merely by one detail. Fosjoas pays attention to every single detail, taking the K3, the first sitting-posture electric scooter as an example.
 Fosjoas K3 Double-Wheels Electric Scooter

In the very first place, K3 2-wheeled electric scooter with a comfortable saddle is a credit to Fosjoas. The sit-on model of ride ushers in a sitting phase. In order to offer the rider a more comfortable ride, Fosjoas applies a leather saddle to K3. The leather saddle is soft and comfortable. When the rider sits on the leather saddle, he never feels a shred of hardness. Fosjoas gives a lot of thought to the design. And its mere goal is to provide a comfortable riding experience.

In addition, a comfortable pedal serves to brake effectively. This will brings about a safe ride. The customer-oriented idea makes Fosjoas quite popular with the customers all over the world. Fosjoas adopted the threaded pedals in K3 saddle-equipped scooter. When the rider mounts on K3 and puts his feet on the pedals, it is easy for him to feel the comfort of the pedals. The threaded pedals are efficient to prevent the feet from slipping from the pedals. Especially, at the critical point, if the rider’s feet slip from the pedals, he can hardly control the direction and it becomes more and more difficult for him to brake.

What’s more, the hydraulic suspension was applied to K3 for the first time in Fosjoas and in the whole sector. The hydraulic shock absorber plays an important role in alleviating the discomforts caused by bumps on rutty roads while riding, reducing the risks of getting hurt or falling down. Moreover, the electronic brake system and smart phone APP demonstrate the full consideration of Fosjoas K3.