Fosjoas K3 Saddle-Equipped Scooter Is Proud Of Its Comprehensive Safety Systems

Abstract: It is beyond doubt that the technology of connecting electric scooter into App on phone and the leather saddle bring along a great convenience to the users. This is Fosjoas K3 sitting-posture electric scooter, and it is proud of its comprehensive safety systems.

Fosjoas K3 sets in motion the era of sitting-posture riding mode. The previously, all scooters has no saddles, which intend to cause fatigue after a long time of riding. The following will take K3 for instance and give comprehensive safety analysis on it. To begin with, K3 intelligent power scooter is powered by branded lithium-ion battery. Compared with ordinary lead batteries, it is free from fire and explosion. Therefore, people can rest assured when they are riding, charging and transporting it.

saddle-equipped scooter

K3 saddle-equipped scooter firstly adopts electronic brake system. The brake is realized by electronic control instead of traditional mechanical mode, which becomes much more accurate, safer and quicker. In order to let riders brake in time, a small electronic brake button is installed beside the left handle bar. Once the emergency happens, riders can press the button immediately and personal safety during braking can be fully protected.

Under the soft leather saddle, there is hydraulic suspension system on K3 two wheel electric walkcar, which aims at optimized and prepressed urban road conditions and reduces bumps so as to guarantee comfortable riding. For one thing, the adopted hydraulic suspension motor offers mightier power and better muting effect. Based on magnetic suspension, radial load can be saved. For another, it is able to absorb the vibration during riding, which offers riders comfortable and smooth riding experience.

In addition, on the top of spring, there are two breathing lights, which make night riding much safer. More importantly, they can recognize steering automatically. For example, if Fosjoas K3 is going to turn right, the right breathing light will blink in advance. Like others, K3 double-wheels electric scooter is also equipped with another three protections, including speed protection, low battery protection and tilting protection. For instance, when the speed reaches 16km/h, the front tilting angle is close to 10 degrees and speeding up can’t be realized by leaning forward at this moment.