Fosjoas K1 Electric Drift Hover Board Is Known For Its Humanized Features

Abstract: Fosjoas is an established company specializing in self-balancing electric scooter. K1 is the only electric skateboard that differs from traditional ones in the aspect of technological elements. It both inherits the features of traditional skateboards and add some humanized features to make it more comfortable.

Fosjoas K1 inherits the features of traditional skateboards and adds some humanized features to make it more comfortable. It is distinguished from traditional skateboards in the aspect of technological content. The comfort level of riding intelligent vehicles should also include the operating method. K1 self-balancing air board doesn’t merely depend on body movement to control. It is equipped with a wireless remote control. To go forward or backward, riders could simply make operations on the remote control. Therefore, the operating method is quite easy and approachable for different kinds of customers.

self-balancing air board

For one thing, the invention of K1 is to transform the sports activity to genuine methods of transportation. It could bear a maximum weight of 100kg, climbing an angle up to 15°, and reach a maximum speed of 20 km/h. In the urban environment, with serious traffic congestion and pollution, K1 seems to be an efficient and practical alternative to cars and public transportation. For another, Fosjoas K1 electric air board seems quite different from other series of its previous products, two intelligent chips and branded lithium batteries make it an authentic Fosjoas member. And meanwhile, it is similar to other products with the famous tires and branded battery. However, the tires for it is customized and quite different from the previous tires. It is super wide and with very special tread patterns. Running on different road conditions, safety always comes first.

To solve the problem of bumpy feelings during riding, Fosjoas introduced a new set of system, the TPU material damper mass. K1 electric drift hover board is equipped with this device, which is high elastic and has superior shock absorption performance. Whether on urban streets or country roads, K1 will demonstrate its excellent off-road capability to traverse efficiently and comfortably. The best products always provide the best user experience. Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard, with so many humanized features is destined to get more people attracted.