What Are The Best Sellers in Fosjoas Intelligent Power Scooter?

Abstract: The thoughtful design makes Fosjoas electric scooter safer for riders have a ride on the road. Also the riders are able to adjust the speed through their body movements, reflecting the intelligence of electric scooter. So, what do you think are the best sellers?

The Fosjoas mini electric scooters capture people’s heart for its fashionable design, energy-efficiency, unsurpassable elegance as well as vitality of youth, and are beloved by many people who are in pursuit of success and high-quality life. Speaking of the best sellers, the sales is the best proof. In Fosjoas series, Fosjoas V6 electric unicycle, U3 double-wheels electric scooter and K1 electric skateboard are three biggest superstars that are well recognized for their tremendous performance and marvelous speed they can reach. We will see it one by one.

double-wheels electric scooter

Fosjoas K1 is featured by large wheeled design. As the man of iron in Fosjoas series, it is designed with robust style with four large wheels that are engraved with intersected patterns to increase the force of friction for great land-holding capability to increase skid-resistance. In fact, the greater skid-resistance capacity is indispensable to realize speedy skating with K1 electric skateboard. It is equipped with the wireless remote control technology. Plus, users are allowed to decorate the board by themselves and have their own unique skateboards. Thereby, users can give full play to their creativity and innovation, which grants them even more fun.

standing up electric scooter

Fosjoas V6 and U3 are both equipped with branded lithium battery with tremendous battery capacity. The sufficient and sustainable power supply from premium battery is also the most crucial reason for the realization of speedy riding. In terms of design style, Fosjoas V6 and U3 are featured by masculine style which matches with its strong power. Many users have ridden V6 electric unicycle which is convenient for their lives and saves lots of time. If the riders change the angles of his body forward, backward, left and right, V6 will move forward, backward, turning left or right with the angles much flexibly than other models. U3, a brand new standing up electric scooter marks another breakthrough of moment in design and technology. With the passage of days, years’ efforts have borne fruit and Fosjoas is proud of its humanized products.