To Compare the Fosjoas K1 Electric Skateboard With the Traditional Transport

Abstract: Skateboarding is a fun sport with high-speed movements. Fosjoas K1 is not a product to renovate the traditional ones, and instead, the creation of electric skateboard is to advocate a combined type of the traditional and the new one.

Fosjoas K1 becomes a sharp contrast to the traditional transport tools in the aspect of operating mode and practical features. K1 electric skateboard is positioned as intelligent, low-carbon, portable and fit for short-distance commuting while traditional transport vehicles seek the purposes of being faster and more labor-saving. This indicates two distinct types of research concepts.

electric skateboard

Though skateboard is such a cool way of getting around, it could not get wide-spread to the general public. This time, Fosjoas by adding intelligent chips, quality batteries and a wireless remote control to the skateboard, transforms it from a toy for some people to a practical transport vehicle for more. By combining traditional transport tools with short-distance portable commuting tools like Fosjoas K1 motorized skateboard, people could enjoy more comfortable and efficient trip mode. When people get off buses and metros, it will still take them dozens of time to get home or to the company. In such a case, taking K1 onto the public transportation and covering the last several miles with it will save people much time and labor. As some people live not far from the company, riding K1 to companies will be more convenient than taking buses, especially during traffic jams.

For those new skateboarding learners, Fosjoas K1 helps them learn skateboarding better. In terms of speedy skateboarding, the intelligence also play an important role in safety. In fact, it focuses on safety especially when the skateboards reach a high speed. If the speed surpasses the speed limit, K1 electric air board will stop running automatically to keep stable for the sake of riders’ safety. Compared with ordinary skateboards, K1 adopts wide-tire design, which makes sure stronger grip and higher protection. In the meantime, two TPU high-resilience vibration-absorbing blocks have been placed on both front and back wheels. Therefore, the whole gliding process is very smooth and stable. By installing two intelligent chips and batteries to the vehicle, it will be more efficient than ordinary vehicles.