Fosjoas U3 Electric Standing Scooter Allows People to Enjoy an Impulsive Travel

Abstract: Happiness is a choice. Reach out for it at the moment it appears. Fosjoas U3 is just the one. U3 2-wheeled electric scooter is famous for bigger capacity, tougher look and longer range. Thus, it is the very first choice for short trip. In a warm afternoon, you can have a very enjoyable and unforgettable journey with U3 in beautiful countryside.

Unique and splendid, it is the one and only scooter in the world, which can be deemed as a true artwork. For anyone who owns Fosjoas electric scooter, he should decorate it in his own style based on his personal preference out of his creativity. Last weekend, Brook had a joyful and memorable trip in the afternoon. What plays a key role in my happy journey is Fosjoas U3, which is highly praised as the personal-exclusively scooter. More importantly, it is designed for challenging the great nature, because it enjoys bigger battery capacity, tougher look and longer range. Here, Brook would like to share my riding experience during the journey.

double-wheels electric scooter

Countryside offers fresh air, blue sky and white cloud. Thus, Brook chose to enjoy them in a sunny winter afternoon. Although the road of countryside was quite bumpy, riding Fosjoas U3 double-wheels electric scooter on it was so smooth. It seemed as if Brook was riding on flat ground, which benefited from two 16-inch tires. Bigger tires decide larger contact surface with ground and thus they have stronger road holding ability. Plus, tires’ surface is designed into special tread pattern that is helpful to improve the adaptability to some difficult road conditions.

Fosjoas U3 intelligent power scooter gave Brook melodious music all the way. It is equipped with a sound chamber that has excellent sound quality. Meanwhile, such a sound chamber can be connected with my cell phone and play the collected songs. Brook wore the earphones and enjoyed the beauty in countryside. More importantly, Brook doesn’t need to worry that scooter may run out, because it is equipped with a 680Wh lithium-ion battery, which supports Brook to continuously ride for 50km. Brook went into a coffee house and asked for a cup of coffee. Such impulsive travel is the additive for the boring daily life.