To Learn More about the Rugged Designs of Fosjoas U3 Electric Standing Scooter

Abstract: Fosjoas U3 is considered as a man of iron due to its robust and rough design style that manifests masculine power and strength. It acts as a powerful and practice alternative transport for daily life. U3 double-wheels electric scooter can be called the king of cross-country for it is able to negotiate varied terrain (ramp, rugged path or steps).

With the advancement of tech, users will experience the magic of technology further. An ideal electric scooter will have long range for riders to go to the farther place, have wider standing platform for riders to ride more comfortably and have a screen to display the power level, the current speed and mileage, etc. Fosjoas U3 standing up electric scooter is one of the results, equipped with 680wh battery to achieve a long range and a 4 inch LED display to show kinds of real time data. And now the App can achieve the same purpose.

standing up electric scooter

Sleek and contoured, U3 is as well-made and durable as stylish. It is acclaimed as an amazing piece of work. Riders are able to enjoy a wilder and crazier riding experience with U3. The two large wheels are featured by great antiskid and land-holding capabilities, which helps to advance the overall performance of Fosjoas U3 double-wheels electric scooter. It is easier to ride smoothly on muddy or bumpy road conditions due to the tremendous performances of the large-sized wheels. Even on the most terrible road conditions, U3 can easily ride steadily due to the anti-damping and antiskid capabilities of the wheels. The anti-skidding pedal made of stainless steel will effectively prevent riders from slipping up and down on the feet.

Its exclusive fender holder is made of special aviation aluminum alloy being lighter and more durable with greater holding capacity. In addition, U3’s fordable shaft saves parking space. Therefore the rider can easily store U3 self-balancing electric scooter in the trunk wherever he goes. Besides, U3 has equipped with high quality speakers with amazing audio effects which is a blessing for the music lovers. The potential of U3 can be well discovered by the riders who are able to take on wild and speedy riding.