French inventors take the lead to use Hoverboard to traverse English channels

It required another attempt, but Franky Zapata has become the first to cross the English Channel using a hoverboard. The French inventor utilized his new jet-powered Flyboard Air to travel the 22 miles from France to England in 22 minutes, then temporarily landing a ship to substitute his kerosene-filled backpack. The board wasn’t slow, either — Zapata stated he reached speeds up to 106 miles during his journey.

The very first attempt in late July literally fell short after Zapata missed the ship platform by a”couple centimeters.” Zapata relied on a larger boat and stage to ensure this latest attempt would operate without a hitch.
This is surely a publicity catch for Zapata’s company, Z-Air, but it could also open doors to the technology in different regions. The French army is currently backing the technologies as a potential logistical alternative or even as an attack platform. A successful long-distance trip in this way could give it additional confidence in the technology, even if it does emphasize the current hoverboard’s limitations.