How to customize the hoverboard guide

Well, you have your hoverboard (self-balancing scooter), but since it’s about the stock layout, it appears plain. If you’re seeking to create yours into something custom and unique that’ll turn heads this is only the place to be. This is the way I customized mine into the beauty that it is for only twenty dollars.
What You Do: Begin in the area of your board in which the power button and charging port are located. Cover the area with all the duct tape and apply the X-Acto knife to cut the area back out. The knife is favorable in this situation as it provides you the capacity to secure more precise cuts easily. The next thing you have to do is tape the bottom of the plank.


There’s not any exact pattern to this because of the pattern of the duct tape chosen, but it may vary depending upon the tape you chose as the aim is to make sure that nobody can notice where the tape starts and ends. In my instance, taping started from the middle of this wheel, flowing gradually towards the center of the board. Utilize the X-Acto knife to clear up the overhung tape. This is to stop your scooter from getting tangled up or picking up debris as possible ride.
The next issue is to cover the side of the board that has the lights. This is a delicate part because you need to be keen to not scratch up your lights. The last thing is to set the decal deals on the bumper as precisely as you can. The best thing about this method is that the tape may be replaced if it’s damaged or interchanged with a different one to switch up the layouts.