Airwheel H3PS portable wheelchair guarantees an efficient And comfortable trip sale

Airwheel H3PS is such a smart merchandise to bring efficiency and convenience for riders.BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, September 16, 2019 — As an intelligent tech company, Airwheel has always been dedicated to transforming conventional living gear having”smart”, beginning from various details in life and bringing users a more convenient, pleasurable and free life, like the new product H3PS electric automatic folding wheelchair.

Airwheel H3PS

Airwheel H3PS electric(power) wheelchair brings unexpected relaxation, as it’s a wide and soft seat cushion and two ways of driving bring unparalleled riding experience. It’s possible to ride it by electricity or by labor. Even though it is mini, light and convenient, it’s potent enough to let you ride freely. With the control handle and universal wheel, rider can eliminate space constraints and easily turn. H3PS smart wheelchair’s leading wheels in universal wheel layout, with dual motor can achieve horizontal 360┬░steering to accommodate to different road conditions, and in small space operation, it is more flexible. Moreover, the top quality tires featuring excellent safety performance, strong stress resistance and wear resistance, together with aluminum alloy wheels, H3PS are stronger than ever.The Airwheel H3P electrical automatic folding wheelchair may be operated with the remote controller to progress, go back, and turn left and right. It may realize the functions of quickly lighting the headlights, horn alerts, and one-button quick folding. It can’t only fold and unfold automatically, but also it has detachable pedals. It can be folded based on real needs by manual folding mechanism, and the pedal can be publicly disassembled for easy storage.