Reviewing The Pulse Safe Start Spiderman Electric 3-Wheel Scooter


Today, you can find technology having an important aspect in the present day toys.There is a marked difference in the nature of toys of the earlier generation in comparison with the toys of the present generation.

At the same time, the present generation is more comfortable with such toys. One such item of enjoyment for children over three years of age is the Pulse Safe Start Spiderman Electric 3-Wheel Scooter.

Features of the product


Easy to start: This is the perfect product for your toddlers. Your 3-year old child sees her 8-year old brother riding electric bikes. Naturally, she longs for her own.

The electric motor does all the hard work for her. She can just push the start button, stand on the scooter, and enjoy the best rides throughout the day. On releasing the button, the scooter starts to decelerate smoothly. With a little bit of practice, she can maneuver the scooter all around the house.

This electric scooter is the perfect toy for her. She can be safe as the scooter has the requisite balance because of its three-wheel drive. The child need not exert herself to ride this scooter.

Low stance: The kid would be able to climb on to the scooter easily. The scooter has a very low center of gravity giving it the perfect balance.

Stable deck: Your young kid would love to ride the scooter in the standing position. As she grows older, she might try sitting on the bike. The stable deck allows this position too.

Limited Steering: You may not be able to take sharp turns. However, you can teach your kid to take a measured turn every time. This would be the perfect training for her in physics and the laws of motion.

Wide design: The three-wheel design is perfect for the young kid. She need not worry about falling down.


Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions: At just 15 X 10 X 15 cubic inches, this scooter is perfect for three-year-old kids.

Weight: The scooter is light in weight at just 12.3 pounds.

Electric start: The scooter has a simple push-button start.


  • Noise factor – This scooter can make a little noise. However, children love to make noise themselves. Their sound can drown the noise of the scooter anytime.
  • Difficulty going uphill – With heavy children, you might experience this issue. Otherwise, the scooter is fine.
  • Requires frequent recharges – The battery can drain in three hours.
  • Difficult to apply brakes suddenly –  You should teach the child to decelerate by letting go of the push-button in time.


  • Easy to balance – The three-wheel design allows for great stability. Children can ride the scooter without any fear of falling down.
  • Easy acceleration – The push-button allows the kid to accelerate slowly.
  • Easy deceleration – At the same time, releasing the push-button enables the scooter to decelerate gradually.
  • Good speed – The speed is perfect for a young kid. It is neither too fast nor too slow.
  • Easy operation -The operation procedure is such that even a two-year kid could master it in no time.
  • Easy to charge – You need not remove the battery to charge the scooter. You can find the battery just beneath the scooter. Plug in and let the electricity do its job.
  • Good battery life – Children can ride the scooter in the house, patio, as well as on the streets.
  • Easy to assemble – The instruction manual is very simple to follow. Any kid can assemble the scooter in no time.
  • Perfect size for kids – The manufacturers have done much research on the subject. This product is at the perfect height for a three-year-old child.
  • Good price – At just $ 49.35, this scooter is a steal.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can the scooter take a tight turn?

Yes. You can teach your kid to master the physics. In the initial stages, it is difficult to make sharp turns. However, with practice, children would easily master the technique. You should also teach your kids to make optimum use of the push button while decelerating and taking turns.

  • How long does it take for recharging the battery?

You require a minimum of three hours for recharging the battery.

  • I have a heavy child. Will it be possible for him to use it?

Yes. The scooter can bear up to 50 lbs easily. Kids will be able to use the scooter quite easily.

  • Does the scooter come with a good battery?

Yes. The scooter comes with a durable rechargeable in-built battery. It has a decent battery life.

  • Is it easy to ride uphill?

It depends upon the gradient. Usually you can do so. In case you are not able to do it, you can always use your legs for kicking. However, we suggest that you should keep your battery fully charged while going uphill. While returning, you can just come down the gradient without much of a difficulty.

  • Can we get a replacement battery?

The scooter comes with an in-built battery. In case of malfunction, you have to replace the entire set. You cannot use an alternate battery to charge the scooter.


This is a must-buy for any parent with a 3-year old kid at home.

Children today are a demanding lot. They have powerful sense of observation. They can see their friends playing with electric scooters. It is natural for them to demand one of their own. Fortunately, this scooter is just perfect for them. It can teach them the art of balancing. This can stand them in good stead, as they grow old. They will learn to use their hand-eye coordination in good measure with this scooter.