2016 TOP 10 Hoverboard Reviews

After lots of safety concerns and removal of products, there are a number of well made and safety approved hoverboards for sale. There are multiple hoverboards available online. Here are some of the best ones. A slight description of the features is provided. At the end of the description, the biggest pros and the biggest cons of the model are provided. Here are some of the most popular models:



self-balancing scooters twin-wheelEROVER is one of the most popular sellers of self-balancing scooters. This model has a maximum load of 110 kilograms. The biggest advantage of this scooter is that it is available in a variety of colors including black, purple, red, blue and white. This allows for customization of appearance. There are over 20 different shades available. It also cruises to a top speed of 15-20 km/h. It has an LED light that alerts you about the battery, and also has voice assistance.




ELECTRIC MINI TWO WHEELS SCOOTERThis model has an anti-slip foot grip, which is useful if your scooter is for a child. Its stop speed is 12 km/h. It can carry a load of up to 100 kg. It weighs 10 kg. It is available only in white. If you are okay with the color, this is a good choice.



MINI SMART ELECTRIC SCOOTER UNICYCLEIt is available in red, gold, blue, black and white. It has a voice alert and LED that alerts you when the battery is low. If you don’t charge the battery then, the speed of the scooter slowly tapers down, and eventually it stops itself. The maximum speed it can attain is 15-20 kmh. It can carry a weight of up to 110 KGs.


  1. Two Wheels Self Balance Smart Drifting Scooter Electronic Mini Unicycle Intelligent Monocycle

Mini Unicycle Intelligent MonocycleThis variant, too, is available in various colors. It goes up to a maximum speed for 15 – 20 kmh. It weighs around 25 pounds and reaches full charge in around two hours. It too has a voice alert and LED light to alert you of low battery.


  1. OU-BAND Two Wheels Self Balance Smart Drifting Scooter Electronic Mini Unicycle Intelligent Monocycle

Two Wheels Self Balance ScooterThe model weighs around 12 kg, and offers a mileage of 15 km on a horizontal surface. It can reach its full battery power within just an hour of charging. It is available in black and white. It can carry a maximum load of 250 lb.


  1. EROVER Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters Electric Drifting Board Personal Adult Transporter with LED Light

Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters

This model is available in multiple colors like blue, yellow, white, red, white etc. There are also bags available for these scooters in matching colors. This model weighs 27 lbs. The maximum speed it can attain is 10 mph.


  1. Leray Self Balancing Scooter Balance Motion 6.5″ Two Wheel

Self Balancing Scooter The variant is available in basic colors of black, white, blue and red and reaches the full charge point in less than two and a half hours. It can carry a maximum load of 220 lb. Its weight is approximately 25 pounds.


  1. Electric Skateboard Two-wheel Smart Self Balancing Scooters Drifting Board with LED Light in Red 

Electric-SkateboardThis scooter goes up to a maximum speed of 15 – 20 kmh. It can carry a maximum load of 120 kg. It takes between 60 – 120 minutes to fully charge, but 80% charge is achieved within half an hour. It weighs around 12 kg. It has an LED light to warn about low battery.


  1. Good-box Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters Electric Drifting Board Personal Adult Transporter with LED Light

Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing ScootersThis is another model by EROVER. It is available in multiple colors including blue, black, orange, purple, white etc. It weighs around 25 pounds. It has an LED light that glows and reminds you when the battery is about to die. The speed tapers down and it eventually stops if you don’t charge it after the low battery warning.


  1. CoolReall Self Balancing Scooter Two Wheel Self Balance Electric Board Drifting Personal Transporter Mini Unicycle with Led Light

Two Wheel Self Balance ElectricThis is available in red, blue, black and white. From the point of view of appearance, this is probably the best scooter. The maximum speed that can be attained is 12 kmh. the recommended age is over 14 years and under 45 years, with learning partners recommended for the people who don’t fall in this age group.




Two Wheel Smart Self-Balancing Electric ScooterIf you are looking for an all in one self balancing scooter, the Skque 10” Two Wheel Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter would be your best choice. This hoverboard is equipped with dual motors (one on each foot pad) thus allowing for easier control when turning, accelerating, and rotating. Bringing the hoverboard to a halt is also a breeze.

It has a maximum speed of 6.2mph and a single charge can give you up to 15 miles of distance. However, it takes about 2 hours to fully recharge the battery.

The Skque 10” Two Wheel Smart can hold a maximum of 260 lbs thus making it a great choice for those who are on a heavier side. Its air-filled 10″ wheels also makes it easier to ride in rough terrains. This feature is a big advantage for those who don’t live in the city or for those who regularly go on hiking trips and would like a hoverboard they can take with them  to the great outdoors.

Other features of this hoverboard include built-in Bluetooth speakers, comes with an on and off remote control, and it comes in 10 different colors and patterns to suit anyone’s style.



Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart BoardWeighing in at only 26.5 lbs, the Swagway X-1 Hands-Free Smart Board is the lightest hoverboard being sold in the market today. Aside from this, it is also the fastest – allowing for speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. A single charge allows for up to 20 miles of run time or approximately 5 hours of use before it needs to be plugged in again. While it is pretty compact, its maximum weight capacity is 200lbs.

The body of the Swayway X1 is made from aluminum alloy with a hard ABS coating. This makes it pretty resistant to scratches and dents. In addition, it comes in 7 colors – one of which is a limited edition pink.

What makes the Swagway X1 stand out among all the other hoverboards out there is it’s beginner and performance modes. First time users can use the beginner mode while they are still learning how to ride. Once they gotten they hang of it and are comfortable enough in riding the hoverboard, they can move on to the performance mode by a flick of a switch. Aside from this, it is also one of the very few hoverboards that are US certified for safety and quality. As such, owners don’t have to worry about their hoverboards combusting.



Razor Hovertrax Hover BoardRazor is known for producing high quality kick scooters. As such, it came as no surprise when they decided to produce their own self-balancing scooter when hoverboards hit the market.

Razor’s Hovertrax is easy to use, equipped with a patented technology, and is extremely durable. Riders will find that it takes less than an hour to learn how to ride this hoverboard like a pro. It’s patented smart balancing gyro-sensor technology allows for a smooth, stable, and secure ride.

The Hovertrax’s body is made of shatter-resistant polymers and is coated with scratch-proof paint. Simple bumbs won’t ruin the aesthetics of your Hovertrax compared to other hoverboards in today’s market.

The maximum speed of this hoverboard is 6mph and a single charge allows for 115 minutes of use. This can be a big con for adults who are thinking of buying this for themselves. But if you’re thinking of buying a Hovertrax for your kids, this would be your best bet.

Perhaps the biggest advantage the Razor Hovertrax has over its competitors is the fact that this hoverboard is certified by US safety and authenticity agencies. With so many reports of self-balancing scooters overheating and bursting into flames, this certification certainly gives buyers peace of mind. Add to that the fact that Razor is a brand which is known all over the world for producing products made only of high quality materials.


The above list is a handy tool in deciding which variant to buy. You can assess different hoverboards easily to know what’s best for you. Look at the appearance and then the speed and charging times; only then look at the price. Understand your priorities, and decide which feature matters to you and which one doesn’t to make your choice.

For example, if your first priority is looks, and you want a scooter that has a fabulous design, you can opt for the CoolReall scooter. Similarly, if you are looking for something to teach a child, the MonoRover R2 Electric Mini is a good choice. In this manner choose what you like according to what you need, and eventually compare prices to select the best product for you.