Ninebot One And Airwheel X8 Unicycles Comparison– Which is Better?

Ninebot One vs Airwheel X series Unicycles Comparison

Ninebot One and Airwheel X8 are both popular electric battery powered unicycles. We have done extensive long reviews on both of these one wheel scooters. But many buyers still find themselves confused on which is the best for them. So we wanted to write a short quick article to point out some of the main differences we have found in these two popular items as opposed to the separate reviews we did previously.

In short they are both high-quality unicycles with some slight differences in their makeup, stats, and aesthetic design. In this article, we will try to go through the features of both to help you identify which one suits you.

Ninebot One Standout Features

Ninebot One is a fashionable and intelligent means of personal transportation with many interactive high tech functions. It has a very futuristic sleek look as opposed to the Airwheel X8 which is more rugged and wider.


Iridescent Atmosphere & Indicator Lights

The Ninebot One has myriads of colors both cool and shiny to add class to your ride. The retro lights illuminate your way while adding a somewhat trippy color and style. These colors can be set via the Ninebot One App and has light effects such as blinking, breathing, flowing and customization. The choices for color customization of the led lights is virtually limitless. No matter what your color choice you are sure to find it.


Ninebot One electric unicycle scooter



Magnesium Alloy Frame & Pedal

The anti-skid, stable, and secure pedals are very sturdy and give the scooter a very solid feel under your feet. The AIO pedals are constructed of top high-pressure magnesium alloy cast. The smooth design not only adds beauty and elegance to the device but also acts as a security measure for first-timers by tilting backwards when unsafe speeds are reached.

Ninebot One electric unicycle scooter

Non-Visual Lifting Handles Design

The hidden lifting handle is light and portable. It is also made of magnesium alloy and elastic polyurethane. The hidden handy handle can pop when needed.

Ninebot carry handle electric scooter


Compatibility With Other Popular Accessories

Ninebot One comes with two accessories options: assistant wheelset and accessory holder. The accessory holder (which can be purchased separately as an accessory add-on) is compatible with most of the popular bike accessories like GoPro Camera, width laser lamp, car voice box, and headlights among others.

Easy to Disassemble and Assemble

You can easily disassemble the unicycle’s components and replace them. It doesn’t require many technicalities as such, and anytime you need to replace a part you can do that within a short time.

Intelligent Safety Alarm System

It has a triple safety alarm that includes light, sound, and vibration to ensure a safe driving experience. The alarm goes on if you are over leaning, speeding, the battery is low, and in cases of internal overheating and malfunctioning. The alerts are connected to the App.

Ninedroid 2.0 App

The Ninebot One has its app which can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Android Market for your smart phone. The app allows you to customize the light effects settings, has an instrumental dashboard, update the remote firmware, list and community ranking, speed data, distance data, and remote control.

Ultrafast Charging Battery

It has a lithium-ion battery that charges fast. It fully charges within 1-2 hours using a standard charger. You have an option of choosing from 83Wh and 240Wh battery. It comes with a 250W high-performance fanless AC adapter which can charge the battery fully within 30-60 minutes.

These are the common features of Ninebot- One unicycle models.


• Powerful unicycle that allows both playing and commuting
• Stylish-Outer skins that are replaceable
• Good battery life



  • Weight-13.8 Kgs
  • Max speed-18Km/h-20Km/h
  • Battery set-55.5V/240Wh/8C
  • Mileage-22-30 Km

Airwheel x8 Standout Features

Airwheel X8 electric unicycle scooter


To sum it up in scientific nerd speak the Airwheel X8 is a unicycle that adopts an aerospace attitude control theory, has a fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to help in maintaining balance.

Basically that means it has a lot of tech in it for balancing and sensitive control, much like the Ninebot One. Both scooters have aspects of artificial intelligence software, coupled with advanced balancing technologies. We will touch on this a little bit below but read the longer reviews we have on these two scooters for more details. They are linked at the very top of this article.

Carbon-fiber Pattern

This is our favorite features of the Airwheel X8. It gives the unicycle a distinctive really cool glass-like look.

Intelligent Balancing Chip

The X8 has an inbuilt balancing chip that allows it to stand upright with no human intervention. This is an amazing feat of tehnilogial advancment. The Ninebot One also has this same tech.

Original Japan-made Lithium-Ion Battery

The battery features 3.8 times life expectancy with a recharge of 1,800 times and 2.9 times the duration of ordinary lithium batteries. This guarantees you a longer battery life.

16-inch Magnified Slim Wheel Hub

Airwheel X8 has a larger 16’ expanded wheel hub (as does Ninebot One) which helps in minimizing the roll angle and optimizing the grip effect. This gives you more safety and stability as well as adds a dynamic look.
Safety Features of the Airwheel X8

When you compare the safety features of Ninebot One and Airwheel X8 they have virtually identical safety features. For example:


When the unicycle tilts over 45 degrees sideways, the system automatically activates a tilting protection that prevents injuries. Ninebot One also has the same tilting protection.

Speed control

The X8 can prevent accidents resulting from speeding by setting a maximum speed of 12Km/h. When the speed exceeds this limit, the pedal’s front end will rise gradually, and when it exceeds 16Km/h, the pedal poses at a 10 degrees angle to the leveling surface hence stopping the rider from further inclining to accelerate. Both Ninebot One and Airwheel X8 have very similar speed limit safety control systems.

Low Battery Protection

When battery power is less than 15%, all the lights blink and the buzzer beeps. The pedal’s front end sinks forcing you to decelerate and stop eventually. When it gets to this do not ride again less you risk the loss of power and automatic shutoff.

Both Ninebot One and Airwheel X8 have BMS or battery managment systems to prevent automatic shutoff and injury. Ninebot One BMS is superior in preventing this type of accident. This is because instead of making you slow down like the Airwheel it will basically stop working until you charge it back up. This is what you want because you don’t want to unit to suddenly shut off when you are riding it. This would result in the rider being thrown from the scooter. We go into more detail about his in our more extensive reviews on these two products.


Airwheel Specs

  • Max speed-18Km/h
  • Range-18-23Km
  • Battery- 130Wh/170Wh/lithium
  • Weight limit-120Kgs
  • Charge time-90-120Min



  • Easy to control
  • Easily portable
  • Battery is replaceable


The Final Verdict on Airwheel X8 Verses Ninebot One

We feel like both scooters are excellent high quality products. But in our opinion the Ninebot One takes the cake. It’s faster and can go farther. It has a more sleek compact look. It costs more but also has more features. For example Airwheel X8 has no smartphone app and Ninebot One does.

One MAJOR difference in Airwheel X8 vs Ninebot One is the difference in customer service support between the two companies. While Ninebot One has stellar responsive customer service (that you can call on the phone), Airwheel customer service is virtually non-existent. We have an entire section about this found here. So with everything taken together we think Ninebot One is the better deal and better product. But Ninebot One is more expensive and costs more.

So if you are on a budget and don’t mind bad customer service we think Airwheel X8 is an excellent scooter that you can have fun on and is a safe product. Otherwise we recommend the Ninebot One as the top choice for electric unicycle scooters.