The Best Electric Scooter for Girls

Yes, a good-looking and cute electric scooter is very popular among the girls and is the best gift for them. However, as a parent, you would want to gift your girl child, a nice looking, great quality electric scooter for sure.

Why electric scooters? – Electric scooters are pretty easy to ride and don’t add to your carbon footprint. They are also perfect for kids, teenagers and adults.

So if you need something that is very pocket-friendly, an electric scooter is just the perfect choice to go with. They are motor propelled two-wheelers, and they are very comfortable to ride on the road. They are also gearless and battery powered, none polluting and cost efficient. They are just perfect for all, and a lot of the scooters have an incredible top speed of around 15 mph.

You spend a lot less on electric scooters than you will on an electric car, and they deliver beautiful performance. They are just the perfect introduction to the automobile industry, and they are just ideal for small travel needs. These are plug-in charge and go devices, and the only skill required is the ability to ride a two wheeler. Just roll the throttle, and you are ready to go.

Best Electric Scooter for Girls – Our Choices and Reviews

best electric scooter for girls-top picks for 2016

Pulse Performance GRT-11 Electric Scooter

Pulse Performance GRT-11 Electric Scooter

Are you looking for the perfect transition electric scooter? Then you will have to go for the Pulse Performance GRT 11 scooter. It is one of the highest performing electric scooters today. You can enjoy an uninterrupted fifty minutes ride. It is easy to use because it depends on a simple push to go Tec.

The riders most push with the utilisation of the feet before the scooter starts. It can give as much as 80 watt of raw power when the machine starts, which is enough to power it for close to an hour.

It also has great futures such as a12 volt battery system. It can be recharged when it powers down. It is also fitted with hand bars and a contoured stem for comfortable rides. It has an extra sticky grip tape, designed to last for long, because of the vibrant graphic that comes with it. It also comes with lever throttle.


  • Easy to charge. The battery does not take long before it’s fully charged and when fully charged can last for 50 minutes
  • Perfectly safe for kids, because it comes with a foot breaking system, it comes to an immediate halt when the break is applied
  • It is very easy to assemble with instruction provided
  • It is a high-performance machine. With a speed rate of 10 mph making it one of the best performing scooters
  • It does not make much noise when been used


  • It cannot be folded making it little difficult for people with little storage space
  • It’s hard to adjust to the height if the handlebars, which is very uncomfortable


This scooter is a high-performance electric scooter. You can make this the perfect gift for your girl child and yourself. Comes with a durable battery which can last for almost an hour, it is a highly recommended scooter.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro 24V Electric Retro Scooter

razor pocket mod electric scooter

Another favourite scooter of girls. Razor pocket mod Miniature Euro 24V Electric Retro Scooter is built to offer a high performance to its rider and also given the perfect blend of mix and style, with just one single charge it can go for more than 10 miles till it is charged again.

It is a chain driven electric motor, which offers excellent power transfer to the bike. It also has two large pneumatic tires that give riders a smooth ride and maximum comfort on the road.
It was built by Razor USA, which is a private company located in California, it is also part of Razors E-series.


  • It has a nice elegant design and beautiful colour combination, very appealing to girls
  • Very light, easy and comfortable to ride
  • Comes with an impressive suspension for a smooth ride
  • Has a centre-mounted stand for comfort


  • Little low on range – 10 miles
  • Acceleration might not be that great


This scooter scores great marks as far as its looks are concerned and are aesthetically pleasing. It comes with a great price as well. It only takes about 15 minutes to assemble the scooter thanks to a clear user manual.

Razor E100 Electric Girls Scooter

razor e100 electric scooter for girls

Razor e100 electric scooter is popular among both boys and girls as a great performing electric scooter. We have picked up this model because it comes in specific colours that can be liked by girls.

Razor e100 can be cruised around the compound and even the neighbourhood safely. It comes with a 24-volt power pack, which supplies enough power for its users to have a comfortable ride. Its speed can be controlled with the hand twist throttle.

e100 is quite easy to handle when compared to others. With just a gentle push with no help from anybody, it only needs a 3MPH of kick to start.


  • Comes with a pink colour variant
  • It is very easy to ride and very safe for kids
  • It can be reading like a typical scooter if the charge runs out
  • Comes with an elegant design and a simple construction


  • It is not fast enough to ride on a bad road


We think Razor e100 would be an excellent choice for girls. If you are thinking of introducing your baby girl to electric ride, it would be great to start with this model. It has good safety and comfortable features. It is also very easy to assemble and disassemble. Very affordable, highly recommended.

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

razor 300s electric scooter for girls

Last, but not least, Razor e300s seated electric scooter  is very advanced electric scooter with a seating feature. It has an excellent construction and a good appearance, high quality and a good representative of products that are associated with the brand Razor. It comes with a large deck for excellent stability and comfort for all ages and size. No wonder it’s one of the best electric scooters with a seat.

Razor E 300s seated electric scooter comes with a hand-operated back brake, a high-performance motor for a speed of 15 miles an hour, with ultra quiet. It is chain driven, comes with high torque motor and twists grip throttle, extra large deck for excellent stability and safety, spring loaded kickstand, detachable riding seat, 24v rechargeable seal battery system.

Provide with a continuous run time of 45 minutes with just a single 8 hours charge (the run time varies depending on terrain, maintenance, climate and the weight of the rider). The maximum weight of the rider is 220 pounds, Comes with a pair of 12v sealed lead acid batteries. The frame and fork are constructed of pour steel. Features a soft rubber grip which provides slip free safety, Comes with tools for assembling and with a charger.



  • Safety is the primary factor considered in the design of the Razor E300S, constructed for excellent durability and security for a very long year of enjoyment and use
  • With an extra large deck foundation and also large tires in front and back, this ensures excellent balance and stability
  • Ideally built for movement around the neighbourhood or school campus
  • Has an easy navigation and manoeuvrability
  • A sturdy charger is included
  • It gives a pretty decent ride time
  • It has a very strong motor
  • It features a very powerful chain drive which makes getting up hill a piece of cake


  • It might take the battery an estimated 8 hours to fully charge just for 40 minutes run time
  • It’s advisable to give a break between your rides as scooter might heat up after a long ride


This scooter has attracted lots of positive response and feedback. Though it has small shortcomings, it’s a great pick for your baby girl, given its performance, construction, durability.

Hope you enjoyed this list of top electric scooters for girls. If you want to save on some carbon footprint or just looking for the perfect gift for your baby girl, do not hesitate to take an eye on these scooters. A lot of the scooters can function just like regular scooters, either the electric mode or normal mode can be used. The kids can also use them as a means of transport to their schools.

Don’t forget to educate your children about safety aspects while using an electric scooter. Regardless of how simple it seems to operate these toys, safety never needs to be overlooked.