Skywalker Boards are known by many names such as self balancing scooter, drift board, segways, smart wheel scooter, hoverboard,  etc. It is like mini Skywalkers, that is cool to ride on and inexpensive as compared to big segways. You can use any name for it, but it can either be a very risky thing to ride on or the coolest thing you will love to ride on. It is the latest craze among people these days especially, among youngsters.


What are Skywalker Boards?

Self balancing scooter or two wheeled board can be defined as rechargeable, portable vehicle powered by battery. There are two wheels placed on the sides and combined using two platforms to enable the rider to stand. It has an internal balancing mechanism. These scooters are controlled by the rider using his feet on the sensored platform that has built in gyroscopic.


Types of Skywalker Boards

There is a difference between electric scooters and self balancing boards. It looks like a high tech scooter at first glance and riders always have a different experience about it. Self balancing scooters can be divided in two categories:

  1. Skywalker Board scooters: These are two wheeled electronic scooters, self balancing and powered by battery. The first self balancing scooters that came in the market and became popular were launched by Segway Inc. these are also known as segways and this name is drawn from segue which means smooth transition. Self balancing scooters come in the category of personal transporters and can carry only one person at a time. Gyroscopic sensors as well as sensors based on accelerometer are used to keep them upright.
  2. Smart balance wheel (single wheel): As is evident from the name, smart balance wheel scooters are different from others as they have only one wheel at the center. These scooters are comparatively difficult to learn and control.

Principles of Skywalker Board

Acceleration and stop are the basic requirements for Skywalker Board scooters. To increase the speed of the scooter, the rider is required to lean forward and if he wants to stop the ride, he needs to move backward. To turn right or left, the rider is required to turn right handlebar backward or forward depending on the direction he wants to turn to.


The thing that is most important is balancing on these scooters. What matters most in this regard is how this device understands the human body and how it deals with this device. In case user is standing straight on the scooter and leans forward, it is very much likely to loose balance and he/she may fall on the face. But, at the same time human brain sends signals and fluid to inner ear shifts, making leg to put feet forward and stop falling of the body. This way your body plays an important part in teaching you how to balance on these scooters. However, one must always remember that these electric boards are not meant for areas with heavy traffic flow.

Just like brain sends signals, the microprocessors of self balancing scooters send signals to motor. Instead of the inner ear, the scooters have built in tilt sensors that help in balancing. It implies that the scooter has the knowledge that when the rider leans backward or forward and it acts accordingly like moves in the desired direction or speed. All you need is to maintain the right speed while riding self balancing scooters.

Sensors are the main part of scooters. These are gyroscope assembled. It helps in the balancing act. Suppose if the rider pushes some point at the top of the spinning wheel, the sensors will make the system to push force on opposite end and help in balancing.

Self balancing scooters have two electronic controller circuit boards built of microprocessors. Actually the number of circuit boards depends on the model, such as Segway scooter has ten onboard microprocessors. It is important because if due to any reason, one board stops functioning, another board takes its place and starts operating. The user is intimidated about the system failure and at the end, the system stops without causing much trouble to the user.


Following mentioned are some of the advantages of self balancing scooters:

  1. Eco-friendly. They require very less power and cost. They use rechargeable batteries that are noiseless and have zero emission. It is quite obvious that you cannot travel long distances on these scooters, but these are good for short distances of about 5 to 10 kms. Also, you need to take care of speed while running them.
  2. Skywalker Boards are easy to operate. These are light weight that makes them easier to carry at any place. The maintenance cost is also reasonable and if you drive them with care, these are less likely to cause any problem to riders. The fact that they need less power for operation makes them an ideal alternative private transport.
  3. These boards are a good alternate to bikes and motorcycles for short distances. These scooters can bear 120-150kg weight, hence you can also use them for carrying goods or grocery. These are handy and so you will not face any parking problem with them.
Components of Skywalker scooters for sale

A skywalker  scooter consists of following components:

  • Logic board
  • Charging port
  • Two gyroscopes
  • Two infrared sensors
  • Power switch
  • Battery pack
  • Plastic shell
  • Pressure pads
  • LED lights
  • Two speed/tilt sensors (inside wheels)
  • Two electric motors (inside wheels)
  • Steel frame with central pivot

How does Skywalker board work?

To know how self balancing scooters work, we need to find out how its various components work:

  1. Wheel sensor: wheels of self balancing scooters have sensors as well as electric motors. They detect revolutions per minute (rpm) of each wheel separately and send the same information to gyroscope and boards that control speed which are located inside the main body of scooters, next to wheels.
  2. Gyroscope: Gyroscope, also knows as speed control board receives the information from wheel sensor about rpm and tilt and it transfers the same to main logic board. If the rider calibrates the board, the gyroscope understands that it is plain area and therefore tils is zero.
  3. Main logic board: Logic board is like brain of self balancing scooters. It is the place where the status of board is computed in real time by the processors. It also calculates the speed of travel, and relative tilt and speed of each wheel separately. Power management of the board is also controlled by logic board for example, beginner mode of the scooter will limit the maximum speed of the scooter or it can also detect if the scooter is in lock mode.
  4. Battery pack: battery pack is responsible for the operation of self balancing scooters. You may find many battery backs in the market, but the most common are 36V 4400mAH battery packs.

How Skywalkers detect movement

It is the most important part of self balancing scooters. It is only by detecting movement, it can work. There are pressure pads on two switches. When the rider leans forward, it pushes the front switch down and infrared sensor and infrared LED get a small plastic wall between them. Now the logic board informs the motor not to move till its sensor detect light. When light gets interrupted with the plastic wall created by the switch, the logic board directs motor to spin in the particular direction. For example, if you want to turn left, you will activate front right switch that will make right wheel to spin forward and at the same time rider’s left foot will activate back left switch, causing left wheel to spin backwards and the scooter turns left. It is all logic and one can understand it more clearly while actually riding the self balancing scooter.

Balancing Board

Tilt sensors located in the wheels of self balancing scooters inform gyroscopes about how forward the rider is leaning and the gyroscopes in turn transfer the same information to the main logic board. The logic board guides the motors to spin fast or slow depending on how much the rider is leaning forward or backward. This way the speed and direction of scooters is controlled and it is balanced.


How fast Skywalkers can go

The self balancing scooters can run at the speed of about 10 km per hour. An average person can walk at the speed of 6 km per hour. One can get accustomed to how to ride self balancing scooter in some minutes.

How long one can ride on the electric Skywalker scooters

Usually  self balancing scooter can run up to 6 hours when the battery is charged to full. It may take about 2 hours for the battering to get fully charged. These scooters are getting extremely popular among children and adult alike and even celebrities are now seen riding these private transport vehicles.

Buying guide for Skywalker boards

Just like any other product that you purchase, you need to consider some things before deciding which self balancing scooter you want to buy. Some of those factors are mentioned below:

  1. Run time: The first thing that you will like to know about skywalker board for sale is how long you can use it in one go with a fully charged battery. There are different scooters available in the market with different capacities. The charging time of the batteries is also different. Usually batteries take two or three hours to get fully charged and one can go 10-15 miles with fully charged batteries. However, it also depends upon the speed, the terrain and usage of the scooter. Mostly self balancing scooters have a maximum speed of 8mph.
  2. Price: How much is a skywalker board  ? Just like any other product, price plays a major role in the selection of self balancing scooters as well. There is a wide difference in the price of different models, depending upon the quality and features. You can purchase them at as low as $300 and as high as $1700. You can even find more expensive self balancing scooters with all the modern features like built in GPS and various other features.
  3. Reliability: reliability is also one major factor to consider. Riding a self balancing scooter is not fully safe bet. It can be very risky. This is the reason that one should always consider purchasing a self balancing scooter from a reliable manufacturer. As you an see that the market is flooded with Chinese products that are available at cheap price, but you need to be very careful about the quality of product. You can check the reviews online about the brand and the manufacturer before selecting one for you.
  4. Warranty: It is a fact that a majority of self balancing scooters is made in China. But selecting a product with good warranty is always advisable. You can find scooters with warrant of even two years and you can find those that come with just one month warranty. Such products are likely to get damaged in duration of six months or even less. In case you are buying a self balancing scooter having a money back guarantee of 60 days, it is advisable that you use your scooter thoroughly during that period.
  5. Weight capacity: This is another important factor that needs to be considered. The most common reason of scooters getting damages is putting on excess weight in them than they can handle. Usually electric balancing board scooters can handle the excess speed, tricks, sudden stops, excess usage, overcharging, but excess weight for longer duration can actually damage it. Therefore, you must check with the manufacturer the maximum weight that the self balancing scooter can handle which you have selected for yourself and then you need to follow that strictly.

Skywalker board scooters are getting extremely popular these days and these are not difficult to ride. One can easily learn how to ride them safely after spending some time on the,. Once you start positioning you feel firmly and learn how to balance it, you are good to go.