Reviewing The Pinwheel T2 Relax

According to critics and customers alike it could be the ultimate self balance cycle which combines various features like performance, safety, durability, longevity and the best of looks. According to many users it might take the world by storm.  It also comes packed with power and therefore many customers feel that it offers the best value for money.It would therefore be interesting to have a closer look at the product and find out whether it could be a game changer in the world of self balance cycles. This is because it has the most modern technological features and technical specifications.


Works On Various Batteries

Unlike other such models available in the market, this particular electric unicycle works on various types of batteries including reputed ones like Panasonic and Samsung. The batteries are rechargeable and once recharged they are good enough for around 22 kilometers. The risk of explosion is something which is almost non-existent as far as this model is concerned. This is because of the quality of batteries which are being used. It would not be wrong to mention here that the batteries form a salient feature of the device and it sets it apart from many other such models and brands in the market.

Unique Alarm Speed Feature

Apart from the various other regular features available with this unicycle, there is one more point which needs to be mentioned. It is the unique and fascinating speed alarm. This is perhaps one of the safest inbuilt features which prevent accidents which at times could be serious and even fatal. When the speed reaches 22 kilometers per hour there is an alarm bell and light which gets activated. In the same way when the opposite direction speed is 18 kilometers per hour and in excess of it, the same is also shown by way of LED light and alarm. As if this was not enough, it also has a pedal up speed alarm which gets activated when the unicycle exceeds or even reaches 22 kilometers per hour. Therefore the rider can be sure that he or she is not exceeding the speed limit which could jeopardize the safety and security of the rider and also other passersby.

A Look At Some Basic Amenities And Facilities

It is considered by dozens of customers to be the coolest self balancing cycle which is a combination of great looks, performance, comfort and ease of ride and last but not the least safety and security. This is a unicycle which comes with taillights which certainly adds to the safety of the appliance. It also comes with a unique anti-stolen technology making it impossible to be stolen or burgled. The LED lights are a takeaway as far as this product is concerned. It comes from China and is competitively priced and therefore customers find lot of value for money from all parameters and attributes.

A Few More Attributes Worth Mentioning

It is a technical marvel and this fact has been corroborated by experts and end users alike. It can achieve a maximum speed of 25 kilometer and can warn the riders about impending dangers as mentioned above. It operated on a voltage of 450 W and therefore is able to generate adequate power and strength. It can withstand a weight of 120 kilograms and therefore even well built men and women can easily make use of this vehicle. It can easily traverse a distance of 22 kilometer if the charge is full. The size of the tire is 16 inches and this helps a lot in affording safety, stability and security even when cruising at the maximum speed. Finally the lithium battery as mentioned above is indeed a great boon as far as this unicycle is concerned. It helps a lot in driving for long distances and also getting the cycle recharged within the shortest period of time.

Various Other Protective Features

It also has unique over voltage protection which prevents the machine from being damaged by sudden surges of electricity beyond normal limits. It also has inbuilt high-speed protection which ensures that the unicycle does not go berserk even if the rider wants it. if the tilt goes beyond 45 degrees, the motor gets switched off. This is another great safety features that makes it a great product from the safety and security aspect. When the power reaches below the threshold limit of 15% the device activates a buzzing noise ensuring that it gets recharged before being used again.



Top Quality Materials Used

The frame of the unicycle also needs special mention. It is made from high quality magnesium and the material has undergone high pressure casting craft technology. The pedal which bears the entire weight of the rider has to be of the best quality. Keeping this in mind the AID pedal is made from high quality material and offers a firm grip. The firm grip is possible because it is skid resistance even when cruising at reasonably high speeds of around 20 kilometers per hour. The unicycle is also famous for its ergonomic looks and smooth design. Taking into account safety features, it is free from sharp edges. This is particularly very much a favorable point for all those people who are trying this unicycle for the first time. It gives them the confidence to learn the use of the device step by step.


When one looks at the various features, specifications and functionalities of this electric unicycle there are reasons to believe that it offers one of the best possible performances for the price at which it is available. It also comes with high quality after sales and support. It is well and truly a good buy and would be in the company of its users for many years to come. On the whole it is a product which perhaps might receive the best of star rankings from a host of highly satisfied and happy customers. A look at the product features on the company website will certainly ensure that it is a product which delivers on its promise at all points of time.