Foolproof Tips On How to Increase the Speed of Your Electric Scooter

So the fastest electric scooters are a little outside your price range, no problem. Why not buy a cheap electric scooter like the Razor E300 or even the Razor E200 and increase the speed of it. Well! Today I will show you some easy tips to increase the speed of your electric scooter safety.

Names of all Razor scooter parts

This is how it can be done in a few easy steps:

Step 1. You are going to require two tools; a screwdriver and an alan key. You are also going to require a paper clip.

Step 2. Unscrew the foot deck area and remove to reveal the battery and the motor.

Step 3. Remove the metal bracket that holds the battery in place. Simply remove the screws and lift away.

Step 4. Disconnect the 4 connectors that connect the control module to the battery.

Step 5. Now remove the screws that are keeping the control module connected to the scooter.

Step 6. Now remove the 4 screws that are visible on the control module lid. We need to get inside the control module. Remove the lid from the control module, be careful here, it might be a little tight and will require some force to break the seal, use your screwdriver to help pop the lid.

Step 7. Remove the lid to reveal the circuit board. Now you need to take your paper clip and place it between the two metal points on the circuit board shown in the diagram here: Add a paper clip to the control module to increase scooter speed

Step 8. In an ideal world it would be great if you could solder the paper clip onto the circuit board. However this is not required, simply add some tape over the paper clip to hold it in place. You can also use super glue to hold the paper clip in place. Beware, if the paper clip comes lose when you are riding you are going to burn out your circuit boards, it is super important that the paper clip remains in place. You do this at your own risk.

Step 9. Now put everything back together and give your new super fast electric scooter a try.

Okay, let’s have a look at the explains in detail in the video below: