High-End and Safe for a Price: MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Twin-Wheeled Scooter

Have you ever heard one of the renowned scooter brand –MnonRover? Whether you’ve heard or not, never mind, here will introduce to you! Well! The MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter review is one of the best mini scooters. The first impression the MonoRover gives is a positive one that it looks very modern and attractive, with a combination of black and white stylishly mixed.

MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter


Specifications and Features

The scooter is extremely lightweight. You can forget nightmares about your kid tripping over it and the scooter ending up landing on him and hurting him. It only weighs around 10 kg. This also gives it the added advantage of being easy to move. You want to take your scooter to the nearby park for learning how to use it? No problem. You want to carry it with you to your holiday at the beach? No problem.

Of course, one of the most important questions is safety. Will you be safe while you are learning it? Absolutely. Safety features have been embedded into the scooter every step of the way. First there is the double balancing system. This keeps your centre of gravity just right and allows you to learn easily without falling off over and over again. It also has a very robust body, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off from beneath your legs. The anti-slip foot grip is of course the best and most unique feature. This makes the scooter child-proof too. Its highest speed is 12 kmh, which is fast enough to run errands and not fast enough to cause accidents. In short, it is perfect for daily use.

MonoRover R2 Electric Mini Two Wheels Scooter


  • The Mini Scooter does pack in a punch.
  • Maximum load specified by the manufacturers is 100 kg. Therefore even if you are heavy, you are not stopped from enjoying this scooter.
  • MonoRover provides a one year guarantee and has a thirty day money back policy. Should you feel that the product is defective or is not for you, there is a very efficient system in place to remedy that.
  • The safety features are some of the best ones in any other scooter.
  • While changing directions, the MonoRover is extremely fluid compared to other scooters and ensures a smooth ride.


  • While most things are good, we just couldn’t take our eyes off some of the problems.
  • Although it may be because of the extra features, but the MonoRover is priced slightly above a lot of other scooters.
  • If you ride it in really hot weather for long distances, the wheels tend to get hot.
  • Although the design is sleek and stylish, it would have been nice to get other colour options.


The MonoRover is definitely a scooter worth buying, because its positives far outstrip its negatives. The price may be higher than some others, but once you use it, you will feel the difference of a high-quality product. Maybe other colours will be offered in the future. For now the classic black and white makes a very pleasing combo. The charging time is also not much, it can reach full capacity in just two to three hours. It is a good vehicle for both indoors and outdoors. Good pavements are the best surfaces where it reaches its maximum performance.

The scooter takes some time getting used to, and you might fall a few times while learning. But the learning curve lasts only a few hours, and after that the scooter becomes easy to ride. It has an intuitive and fluid design that makes it easy to learn the commands and usage. It is also easy to keep clean. It can be packed inside a box so it is extremely portable.

If you are looking for your first scooter, and want something that is high-end and safe for a price that is affordable, the MonoRover is your best bet.