The High Performance Pulse Performance Products GRT 11 Electric Scooter Review

The Pulse Performance GRT 11 electric scooter is your first choice if you are looking for the right transition electric scooter for your kids. It is perhaps the highest performing electric scooter on the market today. This scooter is easy to use because it relies on a simple push to go technology. Before the electronic action must start, the rider has to push on using his or her feet. It is specifically meant for kids who are not perfect in riding. If you want to learn how to ride, you have to start with this performance scooter. When you start the machine, you can get as much as 80 watt of power, which is sufficient to power it for almost an hour. It is sturdily built such that kids of about 120 lbs can comfortably use the scooter.

Pulse Performance Products GRT 11 Electric Scooter

In addition, this great product has great features such as 12 volt battery systems. The battery can be recharged when it runs down. To ensure that your kids enjoy the most comfortable ride, it was fitted with hand bars and a contoured stem. It also has an extra sticky grip tape, which is designed to last for a very long time, because of its vibrant graphics. It also features lever throttle. You can see from the description above that the system was well designed such that kids can handle them easily. Another great thing is that this scooter does not need constant maintenance.


Key Features

  • Safe 8 miles per hour maximum speed, and plenty of other features designs to protect your child
  • Thumb throttle for quick learning, and safe riding for beginners
  • Rear brake, no front hand brake, you simply push on the back end of the scooter.
  • Throttle deactivation when pressing the rear brake. This helps your child stop safer, and helps prevent damage to the motor.
  • Riser Handlebars for easy maneuvering.Pulse Performance Products GRT 11 Electric Scooter
  • 120 pound maximum weight capacity, designed for kids not adults.
  • 80W Chain driven motor, performance without the insane price
  • 12 V battery system
  • Two color options, Red and Blue.
  • Urethane puncture proof wheels, and require no maintenance for its air pressure. Because it has none.
  • Strong grip tape for balance and center of gravity
  • Hi-Tensile Steel Tubular Frame
  • 8 hour charge time
  • 50 minute run time from max. Or 7 miles of distance, so your kids can’t get too far away


Pulse Performance Products GRT 11 electric scooter is no doubt designed for easy use of the kids as you can see from its fantastic features:

GRT 11 electric scooter is fitted with a rechargeable 12-volt battery device. If the battery is fully charged, you can use it continuously for to 50 minutes without stopping. Even if the power runs down you can simply recharge and get it ready for use for another 50 minutes.

This is the best easy transition electric scooter. This is because it features thumb actuated throttle, as well as integrated brake system. This makes it possible to change from a kick scooter to electronics. There are several others of its kind, but none of them has the smooth transition technology like this high performance electric scooter.

The speed limit is good for beginners.It is the best and the most efficient performance scooter on the market. This is because it is fitted with 80 watts chain driven motor. This can push the scoot for more than 8 MPH. Pushing the device is not difficult to do. Kids can do them without difficulties.

The electric scooter is not only durable, but also very comfortable to ride. It was constructed using heavy-duty steel materials. This ensures that the scooter serves you for a very long time. In addition to that, it is fitted with handlebars and internal frames just to ensure that your kids derive maximum comfort while they handle the machine.

To ensure the comfort and users safety, the machine was fitted with rear foot brake, this has an electric switch. When you want to stop the machine, you can apply this brake. It stops quickly and safely. You do not worry about the safety of your kids, because it is integrated with the most efficient brake system.

Also for the safety of its users, it was fitted with LED light indicator. This indicates safety and further shows when the power converter is charging. It is certain that this scooter is unique and the most comfortable scooter out there for your kids.


  • Easy to charge: The battery does not take time to charge and when it is fully charged it can last for 50 minutes.
  • It is safe for kids, because it is integrated with foot braking system, it can come to an instant halt when you apply the brake.
  • It is easy to assemble: to assemble the scooter is simple, just follow the instructions as provided.
  • High performance machine: It can speed at the rate of 10 mph; this makes one of the best performing scooters.
  • It is not noisy: It does not make noise while in use; it is good for the comfort and safety of its users.


  • It does not fold: this makes unfit for those that do not have storage spaces in their homes.
  • Adjusting it to the height of the handlebars is not easy. This can make it uncomfortable.


GRT 11 Electric Scooter is a high performance electric scooter. You can extend this as the best birthday gift to your kids. The machine was designed with the finest materials. It has a durable battery that can serve for almost an hour. The scooter is highly recommended.