Fosjoas V2 Mini Electric Scooter Is Suitable For Kids

Fosjoas V2 Mini Electric Scooter

Every one’s childhood must be accompanied by a small vehicle. Maybe, it is a bicycle or electric car. Best Fosjoas mini electric scooters stand out from the competition and it can be the permanent buddies of kids. The suggested type in the following is exquisitely-designed Fosjoas V2.

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Nowadays, the kids can enjoy their childhood with Fosjoas V2 intelligent electric scooter. From the facet of parameter, its body size is 530*373*185mm, and its weight is only 11.5kg, yet with 14 inch wheel design. The 14 inch tire, which is more flat and contacts wider space with the ground has higher traffic adaptability and ensures the grade ability in the open air. read more

Top 7 The Best Segway Style Twin-Wheeled Electric Scooters of 2017 Review

Best Segway Style Two Wheel Scooters 2017

The popularity of the two-wheeled personal vehicle has grown immensely as the latest technology continues to improve upon the Segway style electric scooter’s design. However, many people are still unaware of what exactly a Segway is.


A quick look at the best Segway style electric scooters

Product Name

Miles per Charge

Max Speed


Our Rating


Airwheel S3

40 miles 11 mph 265 lbs


Segway miniPRO 14 miles 10 mph 220 lbs


Airwheel S5

40 miles 11.2 mph 265 lbs


Airwheel A3

40 miles 12 mph 265 lbs


Segway i2 SE

24 miles 12.5 mph

270 lbs


Segway x2 SE

12 miles 12.5 mph

270 lbs


Inmotion Mogo

10 miles 9 mph 220 lbs


What is a Segway Style scooter ?

The Segway-style electric scooter is built using 5 gyroscopes that work together to provide a self-balancing vehicle. Additionally, it uses incredibly accurate tilt sensors to monitor the rider’s center of gravity, turn with the slightest effort, and give riders the sensation of hovering or gliding on air. read more

Introducing The Fosjoas V2 Mini Electric Scooter

Fosjoas V2 Mini Electric Scooter

Well! As we can see that Fosjoas plays a leading role among current self-balancing electric scooter market. Okay, today I will introduce to you the Fosjoas V2 Mini Electric Scooter.

Fosjoas V2 twin-wheeled electric scooter, an upgraded and refined edition of V6, attracts many young people who are always pursuing the latest fashions. read more