Introducing The Fosjoas K3 Double-Wheels Electric Scooter

Fosjoas K3 Double-Wheels Electric Scooter

Well! In Fosjoas, details are the important thing in the process of design. Fosjoas firmly believes that its efforts in details will bear fruit one day. The efforts made by Fosjoas in electric scooters bear fruit, for instance, the K3 electric scooter with seat.

The oblivion of details might cause a serious failure. It is a truism that detail makes or breaks the success. We often hear that one company is defeated merely by one detail. Fosjoas pays attention to every single detail, taking the K3, the first sitting-posture electric scooter as an example.
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Fosjoas K3 Saddle-Equipped Scooter Changes the Commuting Sector Again

Fosjoas K3

Fosjoas K3(for sale) is designed with the innovative idea of adding a comfortable seat to the 2-wheeled electric scooter to enable the rider to choose a favourable riding posture. The ergonomic design of the K3 makes the riding more comfortable and user-friendly. With the consistent fame of a consumer-oriented enterprise, Fosjoas seems to lead an industry revolution again. Fosjoas K3 double-wheels electric scooters have brought many surprises to people. It seems that another revolution is coming to the intelligent electric scooter industry, as it ushers the sitting-posture ride mode. read more

Modern Tech and Design: Fosjoas K3 Double-Wheels Electric Scooter

Fosjoas K3 Double-Wheels Electric Scooter

Up to now, when it comes to the latest tech and design, Fosjoas K3 (Fosjoas K3 review) two wheel electric walkcar takes some beating. In respect of technology, Fosjoas K3 intelligent power scooter realises a train of breakthroughs, e.g. built-in suspension, the wireless connection into the mobile phone via App and the original sit-on ride mode. The three obvious features make K3 stand out from others. read more